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The State of SEO

At least once a month, someone writes an “SEO is dead” post. While SEO is far from dead, and these sorts of posts usually make me laugh, these doomsayers are actually partially correct…you see, SEO as a discipline is far … [READ MORE]

Get the Most Out of Your Existing Traffic with CRO

As an SEO by trade, I regularly hear website owners say things like “I want to rank better for these keywords”, or “I want to get more organic traffic to my site”. While those are both great things to look … [READ MORE]

Investing in SEO the Warren Buffett Way

As an SEO, one of the most common questions I get from potential clients goes something like this: “If we target keywords X, Y and Z, what kind of return can we expect on our investment? We need to know … [READ MORE]

5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of SEO

Once upon a time, SEO was simple. Get a bunch of links, be generous with your keyword usage on-site, and bam, you rank. I’m not a fan of people who say SEO is dead (it’s not!) but that type of … [READ MORE]

5 Steps for Faster Page Load Speed

As the speed of the average Internet connection steadily improves, the acceptable load time for web pages continues to drop. How fast a web page loads can have an impact on bounce rate, time on site, conversion rates and even … [READ MORE]

February 2012 Google Algorithm Change (Panda 3.3)

Each year Google releases 500 or so updates to its ranking algorithm. Many of these changes are small, and fly under the average SEO radar. Others, like Panda, are huge and widely publicized. Recently Google has taken to announcing at … [READ MORE]

3 Important Elements to Consider When Link Building

SEO, for all intents and purposes, can be divided into two buckets: on-site and off-site. On-site SEO covers things like Title tags, Meta tags, keyword rich content and so on. It also includes indexing and usability factors such as page … [READ MORE]

What is Google AdWords? An Infographic

The crew over at WordStream .com recently created this awesome infographic that does a great job of visually describing just how Google AdWords works. Check it out! © 2011 WordStream – a certified AdWords partner.

Performing SEO Keyword Research

For the longest time how to perform effective keyword research has been one of the most debated elements of search engine optimization.  Pretty much every SEO company and consultant out there has their own process. Unfortunately, not all methods of … [READ MORE]