How To Set Up 5 Types of Dynamic Ads

While the standard text ad is still arguably PPC marketers’ most used in the rolodex of ad types, Google is releasing more dynamic ad formats that are fluid, tailored, and lean away from keywords and instead use customer behavior audience data. So how do you go about setting up these dynamic ads to test yourself? If you haven’t had a […]

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Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy Friday! This Friday we are taking a look at optimization for mobile devices.  Why you might ask? Because let’s be honest, where you used to have an imprint in your jeans from your wallet, you now have an imprint from your phone.  These articles take a look at the ways to utilize your advertising for mobile devices and how […]


The Rise of Video Ads: YouTube

Over the last year or so, video advertising has become increasingly popular. One way to implement video ads is through YouTube. YouTube video ads are a great way to get content out quickly to a lot of people who are already intending to watch a video and are highly engaged.

With popularity of these ads growing, I wanted to give some […]


A Look At Searcher Price Sensitivity

In the era of flash sales, daily deals, and Black Friday (or Thursday), consumers seem to be more price conscious than ever. If you look at the slickdeals community, you’ll find that some will even go out of their way to save a few dollars off of $100+ items. So why does this matter?  If your customers feel like they’re […]


Be Mine: PPC

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air. Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten your reservations nailed down and your gifts purchased.  This year I would like to take a moment to give some recognition for a couple of my current loves in the PPC world.


The New AdWords Editor

Being new to Point It, and fairly new […]

International PPC: Difficulties in translation or why we need search linguists

As a part of the international team, at Point It, I frequently have to deal with keywords and ads localizations. While online translators, especially Google Translate, are great tools and real time and money savers, the quality of translation is still questionable. Translation agencies are definitely a better option, but unfortunately we have found that some of them fail to […]


Leveraging Semantic Data for Programmatic Campaigns

The only thing display marketers love more than a new buzzword is a new way to slice up audience data.

The constant push by digital marketers for more accurate probabilistic data and the sweeping trend of companies like Facebook, Google and even MySpace opening up their deterministic data pools to advertisers have dominated the discussion over programmatic targeting recently (If you’re […]


The 12th man is alive and proud at Point It

Here at Point It we’ve been showing off our Seahawks pride all week with a Seahawks spirit week. We have decorations all around the office, employees rocking their blue and green all week, and today we had ourselves a pre-Super Bowl party. Tons of homemade delicious food and of course, no Seattle Super Bowl party would be complete without Dick’s […]