New Vlog Series: Get To The Point – Halloween Edition!

Happy Halloween!

Today we’re posting our first episode of Point It’s new video blog series, Get To The Point.

Each month, check out new videos to better get to know the great members of the Point It team! This month’s video is perfect for today – watch as some of our team members answer spooky, Halloween-themed questions. And maybe we’ll settle whether [...]

Yandex: Catching Up On The Latest Updates

US holidays are approaching and the majority of domestic PPCers are getting ready for another, hopefully, great season; International Paid Search campaign managers are not resting either and are also looking for ways to grow their revenue. For anyone who is running paid search ads in Yandex, we summarized YA major roll outs for the second half of 2014 that [...]

Programmatic Ad Buying: Holy Buzzword Batman!

I want to just jump into the programmatic deep end here, but I think I should put on floaties and start with some basic swim lessons:

What is programmatic ad buying? A river of buzzwords! It’s also an automated ad buying process where Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) link ad buyers to inventory exchanges where real-time auctions occur to place a display, video, [...]

Understand the Value of Your Social Followers

One of the most difficult tasks for many working in marketing is to understand just how much it can be worth to cultivate a social following, and to build that community. Similarly, from a paid search perspective, while we are trying to lead potential customers to pages with as direct a conversion funnel as possible, we find ourselves with page [...]