Intro to PPC Testing: 5 Ideas You Can Try Before Opting Into Major Account Testing

So your account is performing well, but you can’t help but think there are new strategies you could try in order to see further improvement. Ideas begin to build up on your action items list: Would remarketing help bring back … [READ MORE]

Universal Analytics is Now Out of Beta!

On Monday night, Google announced that Universal Analytics, their next big leap in providing insight to site owners and stakeholders, had exited its beta phase, and was now fully functional. With that, we bring you an overview of why now … [READ MORE]

International PPC: Optimizing Yandex Campaigns

As an agency, who manages PPC campaigns on Yandex, we strive to squeeze the maximum out of them. To gain efficiency on the Russian search engine, by trial and error, we test different strategies, experiment with Yandex.Direct’s new features and follow … [READ MORE]

301 Redirects: Where Site Redesign and SEO Meet

What Are 301 Redirects? In the simplest terms, a 301 redirect is a piece of code that sends one page to another automatically, where one URL gets redirected to another URL. defines it as “…a way to send both … [READ MORE]

Google Analytics for e-Commerce – 5 Power Ups for Your e-Commerce Site

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google, which allows a user to capture vast quantities of data about the demographics of a site’s visitors and the on-site behavior of those visitors. It has a number of features and … [READ MORE]

Check It: Dynamic Search Campaigns

Google’s Dynamic Search Campaigns have been around for a while now but I’ve only recently rolled up my sleeves and sunk some time into launching and optimizing these campaigns.  I must admit – I am kicking myself for not giving … [READ MORE]

Google AdWords Impression Share: What is it? Why is it Important? How do I Increase It?

What is Impression Share? Impression Share is the number of impressions you have received divided by the estimated number of impressions that were available. Impression eligibility is based on a variety of factors, including: Quality Scores, Ad Rank, bids, settings, … [READ MORE]

The Importance of Local Listings

  One of the biggest misnomers with local listings is that putting up your listings will create a lift in traffic. However, this is not typically the case, nor is it the primary reason you should create listings. In some … [READ MORE]

Coaching a High-Functioning PPC Team

Okay I’ll admit it.  Like many others in Seattle, I’m still a little jazzed up about my beloved Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.  It was an exciting showcase of a team that works well together and where each player excels … [READ MORE]

Out with the Old and in with the New – Google Shopping Campaigns Roll Out of Beta

As an online advertiser who works closely with several Product Listing Ad campaigns, I’m very confident that the largest pain point advertiser’s face is gaining insight or access to their client’s feed. Looks like Google has listened to the masses … [READ MORE]