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Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Mid-last month, Facebook launched its Ad Relevance Score, a new feature that will eventually affect all ads running on the platform. The score, which is designated by an algorithm used to determine how relevant an ad is to users, is a number on a scale from 1 (not relevant) to 10 (very relevant).

To those familiar with Search advertising, this should […]


Multi-Channel Strategy – Search + Social

By now, the vast majority of digital marketers are familiar with this classic dichotomy  – the need for cross-channel marketing vs. current technology and cross-channel expertise. The importance of cross-channel marketing is well understood; however, the majority of marketing organizations still operate in solos – Display, Social, + Search sharing information but continuing to function as independent business units. With […]

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week ALL

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy August 1st! Can you believe it’s already halfway through summer? Although (thankfully) the weather hasn’t started to change yet, we are seeing some changes in the world of social media. This week’s articles include emerging social trends and how to utilize these changes for success. But first, our top article comes from Will Aronson about Google’s mysterious Quality Scores.

Identifying The True Cost of Social Advertising_071714

Identifying The True Cost of Social Advertising

Here at Point It, we love managing paid social advertising campaigns. Why? Because most of the time, we eventually prove to our clients that it can be successful, and a legitimate channel that complements search and/or display very well. What is “success” you may ask? Most of our clients are lead gen or ecommerce, so […]

Why Paid Social Media is Worth Your Time

So people have seen your ad, clicked it and ended up on your landing page, but didn’t convert; now what?  Do you give up? It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, right? WRONG! I say that’s baloney. There’s still hope; but you’re going to need some patience. The prospective customer/lead could actually have […]

Promoted Tweets vs Facebook Ads – What’s Right for Your Brand?

A client of ours asked a question recently regarding a media plan a group of us had put together for an upcoming product launch. They wanted to know why we had allocated a higher spend to Twitter Promoted Tweets than to Facebook Ads. A very legitimate question indeed, so why did I pause before answering?

After a few thoughtful seconds, I explained why […]

Facebook Defies the Law of EPS

Undoubtedly, Facebook stock is a topic that intrigues me – not because I’ve finally found the right moment to “cash in” on a little piece of social networking heaven, but because the stock price has been (and remains) a complete enigma. In my last post, Owning a Piece of the Largest Social Network, I argued against purchasing Facebook stock during […]

Facebook Mobile Advertising For the Masses

Did you buy Facebook stock? I didn’t, although I’m starting to wonder at what price to get in. See, we as digital advertisers have a unique view into what Internet companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo and now Facebook are doing to justify their exorbitant stock prices. So while FB stock is down almost 30% since that dreaded F-Day, my gut […]