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Google Dynamic Structured Snippets Ad Extension

On Monday, March 10th the Adwords blog announced the release of a new ad extension called Google Dynamic Structured Snippets.

What are Dynamic Structured Snippets?
According to Google:
“dynamic structured snippets are additional text that automatically shows with your search ads, highlighting industry-specific, structured information about your products and […]


Strategies for RLSA Success

RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) has been available since mid-2013 and since then, we’ve developed a few practices that have worked well with this Google feature.


Leverage Brand Loyalty – Launching a Brand RLSA campaign is a no-brainer. Mirror over the existing Brand campaign and bid higher for people who have visited anywhere on your site previously.  Even though a […]


How To Set Up 5 Types of Dynamic Ads

While the standard text ad is still arguably PPC marketers’ most used in the rolodex of ad types, Google is releasing more dynamic ad formats that are fluid, tailored, and lean away from keywords and instead use customer behavior audience data. So how do you go about setting up these dynamic ads to test yourself? If you haven’t had a […]

Point Taken-01

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy Friday! This Friday we are taking a look at optimization for mobile devices.  Why you might ask? Because let’s be honest, where you used to have an imprint in your jeans from your wallet, you now have an imprint from your phone.  These articles take a look at the ways to utilize your advertising for mobile devices and how […]


The Rise of Video Ads: YouTube

Over the last year or so, video advertising has become increasingly popular. One way to implement video ads is through YouTube. YouTube video ads are a great way to get content out quickly to a lot of people who are already intending to watch a video and are highly engaged.

With popularity of these ads growing, I wanted to give some […]


A Look At Searcher Price Sensitivity

In the era of flash sales, daily deals, and Black Friday (or Thursday), consumers seem to be more price conscious than ever. If you look at the slickdeals community, you’ll find that some will even go out of their way to save a few dollars off of $100+ items. So why does this matter?  If your customers feel like they’re […]

A Guide to PPC Account Audits

Happy New Years. It’s the time of year when people look back to reflect on what they did or did not do in the last 12 months and make resolutions for what they expect to do differently in the up-coming year. As you start the new year I’d recommend looking back – at your PPC accounts. No account is perfect […]