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Remarkable Remarketing – Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are relatively new on the scene but their impact on AdWords campaigns has been undeniable. Any advertiser looking to boost their existing performance has most likely embraced these but are they doing it properly? In our July version … [READ MORE]

Make the Most of Your Google Shopping Campaigns this Summer

  The kiddos just finished their last day of school, and we celebrated solstice, but there certainly won’t be summer break for search marketers. Parents are shopping earlier and earlier in preparation to send their kids back in style with … [READ MORE]

Why We Should Give Mobile App Display Ads the RDJr Treatment

In 2008 Robert Downey Jr cemented his comeback to stardom, after a brief stint in rehab, with the release of blockbuster hits Ironman and Tropic Thunder. In 2014 I’m going to tell you why mobile app display ads deserve a … [READ MORE]

Quality Score – and the not-so-tricky ways to improve it

Luckily for me, I had the great opportunity to attend Hero Conf. 2014 in Austin early last week. Having not been before, I was unsure of what to expect; but, at the end of the two days, I had left … [READ MORE]

The Price Is Right: Why You Should Include Prices In Your Ads

If you’re familiar with the popular game show “The Price Is Right”, you’ll probably remember times where you’ve shouted seemingly random monetary values at your TV screen. Your goal? Get as close as you could to naming the actual price … [READ MORE]

Intro to PPC Testing: 5 Ideas You Can Try Before Opting Into Major Account Testing

So your account is performing well, but you can’t help but think there are new strategies you could try in order to see further improvement. Ideas begin to build up on your action items list: Would remarketing help bring back … [READ MORE]

Check It: Dynamic Search Campaigns

Google’s Dynamic Search Campaigns have been around for a while now but I’ve only recently rolled up my sleeves and sunk some time into launching and optimizing these campaigns.  I must admit – I am kicking myself for not giving … [READ MORE]

Google AdWords Impression Share: What is it? Why is it Important? How do I Increase It?

What is Impression Share? Impression Share is the number of impressions you have received divided by the estimated number of impressions that were available. Impression eligibility is based on a variety of factors, including: Quality Scores, Ad Rank, bids, settings, … [READ MORE]

Out with the Old and in with the New – Google Shopping Campaigns Roll Out of Beta

As an online advertiser who works closely with several Product Listing Ad campaigns, I’m very confident that the largest pain point advertiser’s face is gaining insight or access to their client’s feed. Looks like Google has listened to the masses … [READ MORE]

Google Think Case Study. Point It Boosts Revenues with Flexible Bid Strategies!

Google publishes Point It’s innovative use of Flexible Bid Strategies on for GameHouse. Check it out!