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Opening up World Markets – First Steps

It finally happened! After long, hard hours your AdWords account has been perfected; you’re opted into every new beta, you’ve got Bing generating more revenue than Google, you have 100% market share, quality scores are 10 across the board (even a couple of 11’s – and you didn’t think that was possible!), conversion rates are approaching 100%, your ad copy has […]

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Data Basics: Understanding Data for Digital Advertising

Many of us know that there is value in leveraging data in our marketing campaigns but we don’t know where to start.  To unlock the power of data, first we have to understand it.  We have to understand where it comes from, how it was collected and how we can use it.

I will cover basic concepts of data as it […]

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HOT! Microsoft Store and Point It In the News

I’m excited to share a recent article featured on Ad Exchanger exploring how Point It teamed up with TripleLift to drive Microsoft Store E-commerce sales.  Director of Display Advertising, Jamie Allyne  discusses Point It’s use of technology to manage programmatic display buys:
“For making adjustments to particular placements and optimizing the creative, we rely on technology,” Allyne said. “That’s where the benefit of programmatic comes […]

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GDN Campaign Settings You Should Always Check

GDN (or Google Display Network) campaigns are a great way to bring more awareness to your business due to its broad and expansive reach across the web.  However, those that have managed GDN campaigns understand that it is also extremely challenging to optimize manually.  Below are settings that I always try to check to ensure they are as targeted to […]


The Display Environment: Changes, Buzzwords & What the Future Holds

Shift towards Programmatic

For a long time Display advertising has been pretty old school (think Mad Men discussing business affairs over an expensive glass of whiskey). Advertisers connected directly with Publishers and made media deals based off impression inventory and negotiated what they’d be willing to pay for said impressions. This tactic still exists, but a lot has changed in the […]

Why We Should Give Mobile App Display Ads the RDJr Treatment

In 2008 Robert Downey Jr cemented his comeback to stardom, after a brief stint in rehab, with the release of blockbuster hits Ironman and Tropic Thunder. In 2014 I’m going to tell you why mobile app display ads deserve a comeback akin to RDJr’s acting career. But first…
What are Mobile App Display Ads?
Mobile app display ads appear, much like their […]

Google AdWords Impression Share: What is it? Why is it Important? How do I Increase It?

What is Impression Share?

Impression Share is the number of impressions you have received divided by the estimated number of impressions that were available. Impression eligibility is based on a variety of factors, including: Quality Scores, Ad Rank, bids, settings, and approval status. Impression Share data is available at the keyword, ad group, and campaign level.

Types of Impression Share


Search Impression Share: […]

How to Remarket Through Analytics

Using analytics to create remarketing lists is a fantastic way to really narrow down the audience you want to hit.  Let’s not waste any time — here is how you can prep. your website and activate your campaign.

1.  Ensure you have the latest Google Analytics code with remarketing support on your site and auto-verify your work with Google Tag Assistant […]