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Conversion Rate Optimization: A Checklist

Before You Start “…knowing is half the battle.” – G.I. Joe.  If you have an opportunity to build a new page from scratch, great!  If not, dig deep into your analytics data to learn what your visitors are doing.  Bounce … [READ MORE]

Responsive Website Design: 5 Reasons Why You Need It

Responsive Website Design. Early in 2013, Google announced their AdWords migration to Enhanced Campaigns, which is resulting in advertisers being automatically “opted-in” to tablet advertising. What has this meant for our clients? The need for a website that works on … [READ MORE]

3 Reasons to Bid on Your Brand Terms

It’s a question we receive often from clients and, depending on whether they are a new or an existing one, typically arrives in the form of: “Should we bid on our brand terms?” or “Why are we bidding on our … [READ MORE]

Ten Tips to Optimizing a Landing Page

In a recent article in Visibility Magazine, Point It client manager Maria Nikishyna reviews some of the top 10 tips for optimizing landing pages. A landing page serves as a bridge between the marketing message that brings visitors to your … [READ MORE]

Top 10 questions to ask before you hire an SEM agency

No mistake about it, hiring a search agency is a big decision. It could impact the very success or failure of your company and career. You need to find an agency you can trust to make the right decisions for you. Here … [READ MORE]

Seven Ideas You Can Test on your Landing Page

Whether you already have a taste for landing page optimization or are just starting to develop it, consider these testing ideas for improving your landing pages and getting higher conversion rates for your customers. 

Landing Page Testing and Optimization: Where to Start

Ready to test and optimize landing pages? Leave no stone unturned! But before you really get into it, remember that a landing page is NOT a website. This is particularly important in terms of design and organization. I always recommend … [READ MORE]