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Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week ALL

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy Friday! Hopefully you had great Thanksgiving weekend and are recovering from the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This week we’ve gathered a mix of great articles – including recent industry updates and emerging trends for the New Year. First, let’s take a look back on the Google Pigeon update and how it’s changed the world of search.

Location Extensions with Google My Business_Logo

Upgrading AdWords Location Extensions for Google My Business

What Are Location Extensions?

Location extensions are an important piece to any business that has physical, brick-and-mortar stores. They help you to show your business location information (i.e. address, phone number, map marker, ad text) to users. On mobile, location extensions will also include a directions link to your business. This encourages visitors to your B&M stores and can improve CTRs.

Where […]

Advice for Recent Grads Looking to Start a Career in Digital Marketing and PPC

It has been 6 months since graduating from Seattle University – where I earned a Bachelor in Business Degree for Marketing. Of course the next question was, what’s next?
With my interest in the internet, I landed a position as an Associate Client Manager at Point It Search Marketing Agency. Located next to the Space Needle and the gorgeous sculpture park, […]

Google Knowledge Graph – Notable Website Details Feature

Back in 2012, Google rolled out a new feature in search that produced more ‘knowledgeable’ results for any given search query. Moving away from simply linking keywords in a search query to words on a webpage, Google now uses semantic search capabilities and produces results that are based on previous queries from other users and uses factual data to predict […]

Learnings from SIC 2013

Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) brings together some of the industry’s leaders and front runners to discuss online technology, creativity, and emerging trends. This year, some of the running themes throughout the conference revolved around mobile, transparency, and the importance of an omni-channel (no longer just multi-channel) presence. These are a few takeaways.
Common Mobile Myths and Misconceptions

Myth: The majority of mobile […]

What You Need to Know About Yandex PPC

You probably heard about Yandex from financial news last year, as one of the biggest dotcom IPO debuts since Google. Yandex raised $1.3 billion on NASDAQ in May 2011, and currently has market capitalization of $8.3 billion. What you probably don’t know, is that Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia with 59% search share, and world’s 5th largest […]

Targeting Intent in Adwords

Targeting used to be simple. If I wanted to hit it, all I needed to do was see it, take aim and boom. Target hit! Every time. Ok, maybe not every time. I am in advertising and not professional athlete so that probably says something. However, I’m surprised at how quickly something that used to be so simple has become […]

Google Places Account Drastically Affects Organic Results

I wanted to share some interesting results we’ve seen in the last few days.

New Point-er Jessica Fisher is from Winthrop, WA where her dad runs a refrigeration company.  When she Googled his company late last week, she noticed that the only result that appeared was his Yellow Pages listing (he doesn’t have his own website).

Searching on “refrigeration Winthrop WA,” she […]