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Opening up World Markets – First Steps

It finally happened! After long, hard hours your AdWords account has been perfected; you’re opted into every new beta, you’ve got Bing generating more revenue than Google, you have 100% market share, quality scores are 10 across the board (even a couple of 11’s – and you didn’t think that was possible!), conversion rates are approaching 100%, your ad copy has […]

A Guide to PPC Account Audits

Happy New Years. It’s the time of year when people look back to reflect on what they did or did not do in the last 12 months and make resolutions for what they expect to do differently in the up-coming year. As you start the new year I’d recommend looking back – at your PPC accounts. No account is perfect […]

Making the Most of your Google Shopping Campaigns this Summer

Make the Most of Your Google Shopping Campaigns this Summer

The kiddos just finished their last day of school, and we celebrated solstice, but there certainly won’t be summer break for search marketers. Parents are shopping earlier and earlier in preparation to send their kids back in style with the latest gadgets and supplies. Now is the time to refine your marketing strategy and make sure your campaigns are ready […]

How To Break The Rules (Sort Of…) – 5 Tips For Getting Past Ad Disapprovals

What do you do when you have an account that is running ads which are flagged as violating publishers’ advertising policies, but technically aren’t? A hospital client who wants to run ads around prescription services, an approved gaming client who wants to have online gambling terms in their ads, a reseller using a trademarked brand name in their headline? Even […]

5 Reasons to Advertise with Microsoft adCenter

To many PPC advertisers, Microsoft adCenter is considered the ugly step sister of Google AdWords – less attractive, sometimes shunned and often neglected. With Google accounting for an overwhelming 65.02 percent of U.S. searches in May 2012 (Experian Hitwise), it’s no wonder that most companies prefer spending their advertising budget and time with AdWords.

I agree with most […]

Cyber Monday’s Over. Now What?

Short answer=Plenty.  If you are in paid search ecommerce, you are probably still feeling stoked and pretty awesome from your sales reports from Monday. Yes, Black Friday (BF) was fantastic. Saturday and Sunday were pretty darn good too. Congratulations! Nice job.  Good for you.

But there’s still a […]

The Power of Negative Keywords

Utilize Negative Keywords to Improve Quality Score, Lower CPCs, Boost CTRs & Also Utilize Google’s new Negative Keyword Lists!

Negative keyword expansion plays an essential role in optimizing your paid search account. The benefits of successful negative keyword expansion boost click through rates, which leads to higher quality scores, which leads to lower average CPCs and overall cost, higher conversion rates, […]