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Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy August 1st! Can you believe it’s already halfway through summer? Although (thankfully) the weather hasn’t started to change yet, we are seeing some changes in the world of social media. This week’s articles include emerging social trends and how … [READ MORE]

Make the Most of Your Google Shopping Campaigns this Summer

  The kiddos just finished their last day of school, and we celebrated solstice, but there certainly won’t be summer break for search marketers. Parents are shopping earlier and earlier in preparation to send their kids back in style with … [READ MORE]

Why We Should Give Mobile App Display Ads the RDJr Treatment

In 2008 Robert Downey Jr cemented his comeback to stardom, after a brief stint in rehab, with the release of blockbuster hits Ironman and Tropic Thunder. In 2014 I’m going to tell you why mobile app display ads deserve a … [READ MORE]

Google Ad Extensions – Vital to Successful Search Campaigns More Than Ever

In October Google made a subtle but very important change to their Ad Rank algorithm. This update has a massive impact on anyone utilizing Google AdWords and it is important you understand what it means and how you can take … [READ MORE]

Learnings from SIC 2013

Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) brings together some of the industry’s leaders and front runners to discuss online technology, creativity, and emerging trends. This year, some of the running themes throughout the conference revolved around mobile, transparency, and the importance of … [READ MORE]

How To Break The Rules (Sort Of…) – 5 Tips For Getting Past Ad Disapprovals

What do you do when you have an account that is running ads which are flagged as violating publishers’ advertising policies, but technically aren’t? A hospital client who wants to run ads around prescription services, an approved gaming client who … [READ MORE]

Enhanced Campaigns for Mobile Apps

The roll out of Enhanced Campaigns by AdWords brings many changes. One of the most controversial changes is the way advertisers can target devices. Instead of targeting devices separately, all devices are rolled into one. One campaign, all devices. Bid … [READ MORE]

Promoted Tweets vs Facebook Ads – What’s Right for Your Brand?

A client of ours asked a question recently regarding a media plan a group of us had put together for an upcoming product launch. They wanted to know why we had allocated a higher spend to Twitter Promoted Tweets than … [READ MORE]

The year of mobile that wasn’t

Well, it’s pretty clear that we had another false start this year. 2011 was supposed to be the year of mobile (as was the previous five years).  I guess it was for a select group of vendors and advertisers, especially … [READ MORE]

Forget Pay For Call…BFC Is Where It’s At

When Click-to-Call came out, it was a big deal. Think of the thousands of products and services that customers prefer to directly inquire about over spending hours scanning websites for the appropriate information. Whether it’s placing an order or simply … [READ MORE]