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Learnings from SIC 2013

Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) brings together some of the industry’s leaders and front runners to discuss online technology, creativity, and emerging trends. This year, some of the running themes throughout the conference revolved around mobile, transparency, and the importance of … [READ MORE]

Enhanced Campaigns for Mobile Apps

The roll out of Enhanced Campaigns by AdWords brings many changes. One of the most controversial changes is the way advertisers can target devices. Instead of targeting devices separately, all devices are rolled into one. One campaign, all devices. Bid … [READ MORE]

Social Media, Mobile Marketing & Local Marketing: Which One is MOST right for you?

Everyone involved in marketing has been lectured about the importance of social media, mobile marketing, and local marketing. We all know there are substantial benefits to all three of these marketing tactics, but trying to implement them all at once … [READ MORE]

Foursquare: The Bridge Between Offline and Online

There used to be distinct purposes for what we did offline as humans and what we would accomplish online. Watching movies, shopping and researching used to be all offline activities; going to the library, a movie theater or strolling down … [READ MORE]

Mobile Tips From The Pros

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to attend SMX West in San Jose, CA with a few of my colleagues here at Point It – needless to say, my head was left spinning after day one. Local search, SoLo, Ecommerce … [READ MORE]

The year of mobile marketing is finally here! Now what?

For years, next year was the “year of mobile”. Now that it’s arrived, what’s a marketer to do? The landscape is multi-faceted, the language obtuse, the stats mind blowing. Every article you read about mobile trumpets incomprehensible truths.  It’s like, … [READ MORE]

“Binghoo & Top Holiday PPC Tips” Webinar Is Now Available!

In case you missed our webinar from last week when we discussed the Bing/Yahoo merger and top holiday PPC tips, you can get the PDF or listen to it here – Bing and Yahoo are finally getting married.  What … [READ MORE]

Android eating Apple’s lunch

Apparently the iPhone 4 release hasn’t given Apple the momentum they had hoped for. Despite the best efforts of the Apple hype machine, it did not “change everything, again.”  Of course, the first one was a tough act to follow. … [READ MORE]

Mobile Marketing, The Switch

Having spent some time in the last 3 months or so finally getting serious about mobile marketing I’ve found it both exciting and a bit frustrating at the same time. As we keep hearing, mobile marketing is coming. The pace … [READ MORE]

OMMA Mobile Marketing Mojo

Traveling across the country to see a niche conference in a nascent industry was nothing less than a thrill ride. Why wait 6 months for it to come to the West coast? We’re not talking internet years here, with mobile … [READ MORE]