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Multi-Channel Strategy – Search + Social

By now, the vast majority of digital marketers are familiar with this classic dichotomy  – the need for cross-channel marketing vs. current technology and cross-channel expertise. The importance of cross-channel marketing is well understood; however, the majority of marketing organizations … [READ MORE]

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

It’s Friday once again, and this week’s news is all about PPC advertising. We’ve got you covered with the most recent AdWords updates and some helpful PPC advice. First let’s take a look at the changing relationship between search marketing and … [READ MORE]

B2B PPC – A Few Tips to Succeed

  B2B PPC. To some of us marketers, those two acronyms can be a huge nightmare. B2B paid search is difficult to quantify and can sometimes be very difficult to make profitable for a client. This is mainly due to … [READ MORE]

How To Track Your Daily Quality Score

The importance of Quality Score is a hotly debated topic in the PPC world. However, I can say with confidence that this metric is one that would be good to keep an eye on. No, it shouldn’t be a main … [READ MORE]

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week The first full week of August is behind us, and dominating the news right now is the internet giant we’ve all come to know and love – Google. With … [READ MORE]

Point Taken – Top 5 Digital Marketing Articles of the Week

Happy August 1st! Can you believe it’s already halfway through summer? Although (thankfully) the weather hasn’t started to change yet, we are seeing some changes in the world of social media. This week’s articles include emerging social trends and how … [READ MORE]

4 Ways Participatory Leadership Can Drive Team Success

On an early July morning last week, I attended a leadership workshop hosted by Seattle University’s Masters in Psychology Program on an Introduction to Theme Centered Interaction – a specific approach to Participatory Leadership created by psychotherapist and educator Ruth … [READ MORE]

Google Shopping Campaigns: Overcoming Challenges

Moving away from PLAs and migrating to Shopping campaigns is one of the hottest topics in the PPC world this summer.  Google Shopping campaigns are designed to ease campaign management by allowing the creation of separate ad groups for the … [READ MORE]

Uhh yeah, we’re Growth Hackers.

About a month or so ago, I had a conversation with an industry friend and Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon (@jmgagnon) that went something like this: J: Hey Lisa – Are you growth hacking at Point It? L: What the … [READ MORE]

Remarkable Remarketing – Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are relatively new on the scene but their impact on AdWords campaigns has been undeniable. Any advertiser looking to boost their existing performance has most likely embraced these but are they doing it properly? In our July version … [READ MORE]