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Why Your Facebook Ad or Promoted Post Isn’t Seeing Any Engagement

So you have created a great Facebook Campaign. Your creative is sparkling like a lure, your headline reaches into your target audience’s soul making them question how they ever lived without you, and you can hardly believe Facebook’s estimated reach … [READ MORE]

Why Paid Social Media is Worth Your Time

So people have seen your ad, clicked it and ended up on your landing page, but didn’t convert; now what?  Do you give up? It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, right? WRONG! … [READ MORE]

Promoted Tweets vs Facebook Ads – What’s Right for Your Brand?

A client of ours asked a question recently regarding a media plan a group of us had put together for an upcoming product launch. They wanted to know why we had allocated a higher spend to Twitter Promoted Tweets than … [READ MORE]

Facebook Mobile Advertising For the Masses

Did you buy Facebook stock? I didn’t, although I’m starting to wonder at what price to get in. See, we as digital advertisers have a unique view into what Internet companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo and now Facebook are doing … [READ MORE]

Google Analytics Goes Social

So, you have been promoting your business online for a while now – amassing fans and likes, tweeting your companies every move. You’ve made the jump to the latest Facebook design after seeing our webinar. And for what? Has all … [READ MORE]

Facebook Ads Updates – What Businesses Need to Know

In case you missed it, yesterday was the 1st annual Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC). It was a day of inspiring (cough, cough) keynotes by CFO Sheryl Sandberg, VP of Product Chris Cox and Director of Global Business Marketing Mike Hoefflinger, as well an … [READ MORE]

Facebook Advertising – 3 Updates You Need to Know About

Ah, Facebook. Oh how I love you…and despise you…I think I’d rather Google+. Or wait, maybe I should go and update my LinkedIn business page. Better yet, I think I’m going to focus on Foursquare now. No I got it! … [READ MORE]

Google+ – New Social Networking Tool from Google

Many of you have no doubt already heard the buzz around Google+, the latest social offering from Google.  June 28th marked the official launch of the new social network, which is currently only available in an invite-only beta (read the … [READ MORE]

Social Media, Mobile Marketing & Local Marketing: Which One is MOST right for you?

Everyone involved in marketing has been lectured about the importance of social media, mobile marketing, and local marketing. We all know there are substantial benefits to all three of these marketing tactics, but trying to implement them all at once … [READ MORE]

Foursquare: The Bridge Between Offline and Online

There used to be distinct purposes for what we did offline as humans and what we would accomplish online. Watching movies, shopping and researching used to be all offline activities; going to the library, a movie theater or strolling down … [READ MORE]