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Multi-Channel: Estimated Conversions Update

In October, 2013 – hot off the release of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – Google released Estimated Total Conversions in an attempt to provide advertisers greater insight into (primarily) cross-device conversion tracking. Since the release of ETC, there’s been a host of updates to the product including calls as conversions (released shortly after estimated cross-device) in addition to cross-browser. Just […]


7 Quick GA Settings Tips


The ability to analyze your performance as a marketer is invaluable for a myriad of reasons. With that in mind, Here are 7 quick tips to step up your marketing analytics game. Enjoy!

Create filters to exclude your own IP address. There’s no need to report on website traffic from your own company or marketing team in most circumstances. Go ahead […]

Understand the Value of Your Social Followers

Understand the Value of Your Social Followers

One of the most difficult tasks for many working in marketing is to understand just how much it can be worth to cultivate a social following, and to build that community. Similarly, from a paid search perspective, while we are trying to lead potential customers to pages with as direct a conversion funnel as possible, we find ourselves with page […]

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Tracking Smart – Holiday 2014

With Q4 and the holidays rapidly approaching, the majority of Retailers across the country are busy finalizing media plans in hopes to capitalize on the predicted bump in consumer spend this year over 2013. In addition to finalizing offers, creative, and media channels, smart Retailers are turning their focus to another key, yet often overlooked, consideration: attribution. Specifically, online to […]


Taking Advantage of the Site Search Report

I don’t have to explain why having a search bar is an important tool for users browsing your site. One thing you may not know about, however, is how a search bar can benefit your understanding of users and their site experience.

While most Google Analytics pros will be well versed with this report, I think it’s important to sometimes return […]

Finding Topics to Create Great Content 071014

Finding Topics to Create Great Content Using Analytics

Good, relevant topics to create content for your audience to consume can come from many places, and finding great ideas can sometimes be as easy as shouting into the room “does anyone have a topic they’d like me to write about, today?” However, there are times when you just don’t know what to write about. Also, there are times when […]

Universal Analytics is Now Out of Beta!

On Monday night, Google announced that Universal Analytics, their next big leap in providing insight to site owners and stakeholders, had exited its beta phase, and was now fully functional. With that, we bring you an overview of why now might be a great time to switch to it, what to look for to garner the best data, and what […]

Google Analytics for e-Commerce – 5 Power Ups for Your e-Commerce Site

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google, which allows a user to capture vast quantities of data about the demographics of a site’s visitors and the on-site behavior of those visitors. It has a number of features and abilities that can have even the most detail and data-driven person drooling.
I’ll be covering the following:

Remarketing Lists
Content Grouping
Site Search
Display Enabled […]

How to Remarket Through Analytics

Using analytics to create remarketing lists is a fantastic way to really narrow down the audience you want to hit.  Let’s not waste any time — here is how you can prep. your website and activate your campaign.

1.  Ensure you have the latest Google Analytics code with remarketing support on your site and auto-verify your work with Google Tag Assistant […]