Google Think Case Study. Point It Boosts Revenues with Flexible Bid Strategies!

Google publishes Point It’s innovative use of Flexible Bid Strategies on for GameHouse. Check it out! 

Jon Lisbin

About Jon Lisbin

Jon Lisbin, the Founder and Principal at Point It, is a genuine Internet pioneer. He has spent more than a decade (OK, more than two decades but who's counting) developing innovative marketing programs and successful lead generation initiatives to help online companies meet their business goals. When not helping to grow Point It, Jon is continuing his studies at the University of Washington Evans School of Public Management. He has a wonderful wife, a great 9 year old son, and two hyper Brittanies. Jon also enjoy tooling around on his motor sickle, listening to eclectic tunage, traveling to Japan, and skiing and hiking the Cascades in his free time :-)
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