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An effective website is one that drives visits, converts customers, and shows consistent growth. Sounds simple enough, right? But you know that success is a moving target, and keeping your website optimized is a full-time task.

When it comes to SEO, there are a few things you can rely on: “good enough” isn’t, “finished” is temporary, and keeping ahead of changing search engine algorithms can make you feel like Indiana Jones running from a rolling boulder.

Gone are the days when a sheer volume of links to your site was enough to raise it to the top of search results. Today, over 70% of searches resulted in an organic click in Google, which means all aspects of your website have to work together for maximum brand exposure. Authoritative content, local relevance, responsiveness to competitor tactics, and understanding user intent are all vital to positioning your site to be found — and all of those depend on effective SEO.

Bottom line: finely-tuned SEO can elevate you above your competition and raise your site to the top of search results.

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Search Engine Optimization Expertise For Your Business

At Point It, we offer a team of professionals dedicated to helping you stay ahead of the boulder. Our SEO experts are here to take the stress out of navigating the hundreds of ranking factors that engines use, and their savvy can help you stay current on ever-changing algorithm updates. We act as an extension of your marketing and development teams and deliver measurable, actionable changes that drive smart decisions.

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What You Can Expect

We know that SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s an ongoing process whose success depends on long-term strategy and an ability to adapt. At Point It, we work hard to make SEO work for you, by offering:

  • Website Audit against 20 of the top search engine ranking criteria—including on-page content elements, technical aspects, competitive analysis and backlink profile—to understand the overall health of your website.
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization to ensure you stay in front of your competitors. Our ongoing SEO services include:
    • Website Recommendations to keep you razor sharp on SEO-related best practices, content recommendations, and technical fine-tuning
    • Strategic Link Building to manage the many demands of a strong brand presence, including content calendars, social media monitoring, industry expert outreach, backlink monitoring and competitive monitoring
    • Analytics and Insights to monitor your KPIs by means of a dashboard and detailed reports. You’ll have a clear view into how our services affect your site’s performance, and can use the information to set actionable direction.

SEO Case Studies

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SEO helps Door to Door Travel Far

Find out how our client, Door to Door, increased their traffic over 179% by combining SEO practices and strategic content marketing strategy! READ MORE>

Car Toys Drives Results with SEO

Point it helps client, Car Toys increase local and national organic traffic by 89% year over year with optimization and industry know-how. READ MORE> 

Leading our Team

Sean Van Guilder, Director of SEO

Sean Van Guilder

Director of SEO

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Sean Van Guilder has been helping businesses get found on the internet for over 20 years. He has a 10,000 foot view of digital marketing that helps shed light on SEO as a business driver.  Sean has worn almost every digital marketing hat out there and brings strategies and tactics that have knocked the socks off of companies such as Microsoft, MSN and WONGDOODY, to name a few.  Currently, Sean is leading the SEO Practice for premier digital marketing agency, Point It, in Seattle.  Sean is a self-taught digital marketer and loves every minute of it.  When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s teasing his co-workers, playing sports, hanging with his kids, making music and collecting HO scale trains.

Want to learn more?To learn more about how we can help you build a powerful search engine marketing program, request a digital marketing audit.