Search Engine Optimization

The Key is in the Keywords

Top-notch management of your SEO can be time consuming, but it is one of the most important element of your website.

What Can SEO Do for You?

  • Better rankings for your target keywords
  • Drive additional traffic to your site
  • Add revenue to your business

But you must pay attention to the dynamics inherent in the search process. For example, did you know that:

  • Organic (non-paid) search results receive more than 80% of the clicks for any given search?
  • More than 60% of searchers click on one of the top three listings?
  • Some 36% of searchers believe the websites at the top of the page are the top brands in the field?
  • If users don’t find what they want on the first three pages of results, 88% change engines or change search terms?

These dynamics (from research firm Jupiter Research) illustrate how critical it is for marketers to invest in SEO that will maximize the results, the traffic and the business returns.

Remember: Paid search and natural search (SEO) are completely separate disciplines, but there is merit in having both efforts working together towards the common goal of increased revenue and improved ROI for the company’s marketing dollars.

Making Your Site ‘Search Engine Friendly’

As a marketing strategy for increasing a site’s relevance, SEO calculates how search algorithms operate and what people are searching for. SEO efforts may involve a site’s coding, presentation, and structure, as well as troubleshooting problems that could prevent search engine indexing programs from fully spidering a site. Other initiatives may include:

  • Adding unique content to a site
  • Ensuring that content is easily indexed by search engine robots
  • Making the site more visually appealing to users

Whether or not the correct SEO tactics have been incorporated into your website’s development and design, we will improve the site to make it search engine friendly.

Here’s How it Works:

  • Examination. First, our SEO experts examine your site’s construction, navigation and file structure to identify potential impediments to proper indexing.
  • Evaluation. Next, we construct a comprehensive plan for improving your site for search engines to find, recognize, appreciate and report. We identify problems that can hurt your rankings, such as duplicate content, or problems that might impact relevance and quality ranking by the search engines. Most importantly, we craft solutions to fix those problems.
  • Alteration. We then alter the page design and keyword usage across a variety of on-page elements, taking into consideration a number of constantly evolving SEO parameters. That’s essential, because as SEO dynamics change, we stay current through active participation in industry forums and blogs, by communicating with search engine representatives and by testing of possible rank-related elements.
  • Copywriting and testing. We modify website copy to focus on relevance to actual current searches. We will not compromise and use unethical tactics, such as spamdexing, link farms or keyword stuffing. In the long run, such “search trickery” hurts – not helps – the client.
  • Link development. Finally, to improve your search results, we take the time to study hidden factors that are not always apparent. We work to optimize internal linking and to build external link campaigns which can improve the overall trust, authority and ranking of your site.

With organizations that could benefit from viral marketing, we perform Social Media Marketing (SMM), which helps generate publicity via social media, online communities and community websites. SMM tactics include:

  • Adding RSS feeds
  • Adding social sharing buttons
  • Promoting blogging
  • Incorporating community functionality, such as Instagram photo sharing or YouTube video promotion

We can also coordinate with your public relations staff or agency to ensure that news releases are optimized for pick-up and placement on influential online publications and search engines.

For more than ten years, Point It has driven SEO success for wide variety of clients across e-commerce companies, retail websites, digital agencies and software and service providers.


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Does your website stand head and shoulders above the crowd?

An effective website is one that drives visits, converts customers, and shows consistent growth. Sounds simple enough, right? But you know that success is a moving target, and keeping your website optimized is a full-time task.

Today, over 70% of searches resulted in an organic click in Google, which means all aspects of your website have to work together for maximum brand exposure. Authoritative content, local relevance, responsiveness to competition, and understanding user intent are all vital to positioning your site to be found -- and all of those depend on effective SEO.

Bottom line: finely-tuned SEO can elevate you above your competition and raise your site to the top of search results.

At Point It, we work hard to make SEO work for you, by offering:

Leading our Team

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Sean Van Guilder has been helping businesses get found on the internet for over 20 years. He has a 10,000 foot view of digital marketing that helps shed light on SEO as a business driver.  Sean has worn almost every digital marketing hat out there and brings strategies and tactics that have knocked the socks off of companies such as Microsoft, MSN and WONGDOODY, to name a few.  Currently, Sean is leading the SEO Practice for premier digital marketing agency, Point It, in Seattle.  Sean is a self-taught digital marketer and loves every minute of it.  When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s teasing his co-workers, playing sports, hanging with his kids, making music and collecting HO scale trains.