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Subject to Review: Insights into Adword’s Review Extensions

If you have ever worked in Google Adwords, you’ve probably noticed that much of the user experience is intuitive. Nice and outlined, easily understood hierarchy, and mostly clear concise insights to help you diagnose issue within your account. But it seems one of the more difficult tasks in Adwords is easily harnessing the true power of the review extensions. It can be infuriating to attempt to get these extensions approved. So keep reading if you are tired of waking up every day to find your review extensions denied approval. For below are some best practices for navigating this sometimes unforgiving arena.

Yahoo Gemini

Dynamic Parameters: Optimizing Yahoo Gemini

Digital marketers utilizing Yahoo’s Gemini Ad management platform are no doubt waiting anxiously for new features and functionality to be implemented in the Gemini UI. Presently we are unable to seamlessly target mobile search queries and thus unable to serve mobile optimized ad copy and content.  However, while we wait for that functionality we can utilize dynamic URL parameters to optimize our content and our consumer’s experience when they are interacting with that content.