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Brand Safety Basics: Programmatic Advertising and Brand Protection

A few weeks ago, I was asked to represent the Point It Programmatic team on a call with a client who was interested in revamping their display media efforts. I joined the call with a fresh PowerPoint deck locked and loaded, ready to espouse all that I know about the far-reaching capabilities of a well-managed programmatic ad spend.

But instead of getting grilled on the different tactics that we use, or how we go about bringing performance, the first question I was asked was, “What’s all this I’m reading about Chase Bank and programmatic brand safety?”. What followed was an unexpected and candid conversation about not only online brand safety, but how we at Point It, are set up to protect our clients’ ads from appearing next to brand damaging content.

Essentially, we have the process broken down into three steps:

Google GDN

GDN: A Drop in the Programmatic Bucket

What is the difference between Google Display Network and Programmatic Advertising?

As advertisers, our main goal is to maximize the effectiveness and value of our advertising budget. It was our goal yesterday, it is our goal today, and it will be our goal tomorrow. But how do we successfully accomplish this feat when it comes to online display advertising, where even a million dollar spend can be a drop in the bucket if not spent correctly?