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Owning a Piece of the Largest Social Network

With over 900 million users, the world’s largest social network is set to make it’s public debut this Friday, May 18th – marking the largest initial public offering for a company within the last ten years (crushing Google’s initial IPO market cap of $23 billion.) With a valuation of somewhere between $80-$100 billion dollars, many investors are left scratching their heads and thinking “Is this too good to be true?” Well, in my opinion – yes, it probably is. Market valuation is largely influenced by general public opinion, and even though underwriters look to price the shares between $35 & $38 dollars (I’ve heard as high as $44,) there are a variety of major risk factors associated with Facebook that makes purchasing stock on May 18th less than a great idea.

Forget Pay For Call…BFC Is Where It’s At

When Click-to-Call came out, it was a big deal. Think of the thousands of products and services that customers prefer to directly inquire about over spending hours scanning websites for the appropriate information. Whether it’s placing an order or simply making a dinner reservation, Click-to-Call had numerous advantages for (especially) local advertising – and it was easy! Add location extensions to your campaigns, provide your unique business number(s) and boom – you’re done. Clickable, location specific phone numbers at the tip of your customer’s hands (provided with a pretty map, too.)