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Rule Based vs. Portfolio Bidding Models

Bid management is a discipline I find truly fascinating – and not because I find increasing or decreasing Max CPCs’ something to write home about. More so, it’s the ability to significantly improve the performance of your SEM campaigns through advanced statistical modeling – through the mapping of historical performance trends in your account that correlate spend to conversion. We’re all familiar with the brand names: Marin, Kenshoo, Adobe, IgnitionOne, [Insert Company X] … you get the point. But how many of us have solid, functional understandings of the science behind these automation tools? The technology is advanced, but the concepts behind bid management are actually quite simple. Below is a breakdown of rule based vs. portfolio bidding models in 600 characters.

Hit or Miss With YouTube

YouTube is certainly alluring – it’s difficult to refute that. Being the juggernaut of video content on the world wide web, your Google Account Management team will almost certainly try and convince you that it’s the missing, supplemental piece to your PPC program – actually, they’ll convince your client of this, and then it will be up to you to try and figure out how to make it work. Unless you begin your YouTube journey with a defined strategy and set of goals, it’s very unlikely that YouTube will be your missing conversion messiah coming to rescue you from the fiscal cliff.

Rolling Back Prices on Google Stock

Finally! After all this time I can finally afford to own a little piece of Google equity based Heaven…ok, well, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I have to admit, as someone whose professional well being relies primarily on the little text ads shot out by the world’s most powerful search engine, it was difficult to not crack a smile when I heard about the recent dip in Google’s stock price. Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be challenged once in a while – we do have anti-trust laws in this country for a reason, don’t we?

You Are What You Buy, Not What You Search For…

There’s no escaping SoLoMo…it’s here, and it’s here to stay. The integration of Social Media, Local and Mobile Search seems to be all the rage – and perhaps understandably so. Tapping into the natural curiosity of what our friends are doing around town on a Friday nite, along with (of course) what pub has the best happy hour – you have, e.g., Foursquare. And what better device to provide all this information than your smartphone? Not while driving mind you! Ok, I’ll get to the point…My point is, with all the advancements in Social

Mobile Tips From The Pros

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to attend SMX West in San Jose, CA with a few of my colleagues here at Point It – needless to say, my head was left spinning after day one. Local search, SoLo, Ecommerce & Retail, Bing best practices, Google best practices, YouTube – I could fill an entire blog post with just the topics that were covered during this four day extravaganza (don’t worry I won’t). But after surviving this online marketing boot camp, I was left with the question: what really made a lasting impression on me as a marketer? The answer: mobile.