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NEW – Google AdWords Embedded Sitelinks

Coming soon to a Google SERP near you – Embedded Sitelinks for Google AdWords advertisers.  I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but Google has slowly been announcing a new format of sitelinks that is integrated in your ad text called Embedded Sitelinks, and will likely soon announce it for US.  I’ve seen it on Inside Adwords for BR, NL, and DE starting last week.   Thanks Google Chrome for page translations.

AdWords Search Funnels – Lovin’ It or Still Unsure?

About two months BIG news hit our small SEM world. At SES NY 2010 Google announced the roll out of Search Funnels for AdWords advertisers. Finally! More insight into assisting keywords and conversion path analysis. Hip Hip Hoorah! Not just the last keyword that was clicked and converted, but keywords that either clicks or ad impressions contributed to the conversion but didn’t score the “points.” We’ve always knew this was happening in theory, but now there’s data to prove our intuition was right and point us to keywords we may be under-valuing in normal last click conversion bid optimization.  Love it.  I think.

I was so excited when I noticed that one of my accounts that receives a lot of conversions (hence lots of data to make valid conclusions) was finally in the roll out a few weeks after the announcement. And I have to admit for the first couple of weeks, I went in and checked out this data frequently, okay…maybe a little neurotically.  I thought I would be utilizing this feature regularly, again and again, but it kind of feels like the honeymoon is over or it is at least off to a very slow, lukewarm start.

What is Search Funnels?