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Three Tricks to Make Google Merchant Promotions Work for You

Google Merchant Promotions are a great way to enhance shopping ads by giving users an extra reason to click. If you’ve ever set up Merchant Promotions in Google Merchant Center, I’m sure you know they can be tricky. Unless you’re running a uniform discount across all products, it can be difficult to get Merchant Promotions up and running. Merchant Promotions get disapproved for a number of reasons, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out why.

Here are three easy tricks that I’ve found make Google Merchant Promotions easier to set up … and much more likely to get approved!

James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager

Promoted at Point It: James Haagenson, Programmatic Campaign Manager

Welcome to our new blog series introducing you to some of the talented folks we’ve recently promoted into new positions at Point It. As you can probably tell, we think Point It is a fabulous place to work. Our people are the reason we feel confident telling you that we’re the leaders in digital marketing today: we invest in finding, retaining, and promoting the strongest possible team to serve you. Today, we’d like to introduce James Haagenson, a Programmatic Campaign Manager with Point It, in conversation with our Sr. Manager of Marketing Tim Mohler. James is helping drive forward our programmatic advertising service and also frequently shares his expertise on our blog.

Data Strategies for Post Holiday PPC Webinar

Metrics not Mystics: Post-Holiday PPC Data Strategies

I don’t know about you, but even though it’s almost the end of January, I feel like I’m barely coming off the craziness of the holiday season. Typically, after the holidays there is all the loose ends that need to be tied up, such as auditing your accounts, putting together holiday reporting for clients/stakeholders, and fighting with your algorithms to get bidding back to normal. So now what? You’ve tied up all loose ends and now you’re looking forward to 2017 and you think to yourself “where do I start?”.

Easy Paid Search Wins: Automated Bidding

A while back I stumbled upon this quote: “Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things” – Byron Dorgan. If you’re anything like me you, you like to over complicate things because surely the answer can’t be that easy. Fortunately, in the world of Paid Search, there are many tools and resources that help make our lives easier. That is assuming of course that we use them. One such tool being rules that allow for automated bidding.

Holistic Holiday Programmatic Planning

Heavy holiday sales volumes are often the key driver for success in organizations with strict attribution models and ROAS goals. So, how do you deliver programmatic success when it really counts? One particularly challenging case this holiday is the perfect example to share the four steps our team takes to build a profitable and efficient programmatic strategy. One of our e-commerce brand campaigns was reviewed under a 30% view-through attribution model, but still delivered over $16.5M in revenue. The campaign was distributed across 3 different platforms, 5 different markets, and included prospecting sales. How did we set it up: