Is 2011 The Year of Mobile Marketing?

This is supposed to be it. The year mobile becomes a viable ad platform.  Yet, despite Google and Apple paying small fortunes for mobile ad networks, the % of online advertising spent on mobile is barely 2.5%.   The reason is clear. As a direct response vehicle, Mobile has been, well, a failure.  As a direct response agency, this is why we haven’t seen much interest in mobile from our clients. However, that doesn’t mean mobile is dead. Far from it. Mobile’s potential has made it one of the fastest growing mediums ever.

ad share growth

According to an annual survey of industry execs and analysts, expectations are that mobile advertising spend will double or triple over 2010.

How can we account for this dichotomy? At this time, the word is engagement.  Similar to Social Marketing; mobile stands out as a medium for engaging your audience.  Whether it’s “engaging” applications that promote brands; “engaging” consumers to become Facebook fans; or integrating “multiple screen” messaging for a consistent brand experience.

When will the engagement train end and direct response begin? Wish I had a crystal ball. IMHO, that’s going to take mobile payment technology for digital goods, higher speeds for web navigation, improved ease of use, and creativity on the part of marketers and web developers to improve conversion pages.

We’ll get there; it’s just a matter of when.  In the meantime, consider activities like advertising across platforms, using mobile for as a consultative CRM tool and establishing your own campaign metrics.  Test, adjust, spray and pray.  Speaking of which, I just saw a test flight of the long delayed Boeing 787.  Who knows, maybe this is the year?

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