2015 Holiday Season: Top 10 Things Online Retailers Should Know

You’re an online retailer getting ready for a great 2015 holiday season. We’re a group of online marketing experts with decades of combined experience helping clients just like you create the kind of online reach that translates to best-ever holiday performance figures.  Our in-house experts put their heads together and came up with this early holiday gift for you: a list of the top 10 things online retailers (that’s you) should know as the season gears up.

Start early.Santa

Great online marketers “cookie up” their potential customers in October, or even earlier. Make sure you catch your potential customers early and target them with programmatic ads and special deals, so that your brand stays top of mind when it’s time for them to click “buy.”

“Buy now” buttons will be everywhere.

Customers don’t just want to find you via a mobile search and then purchase on a desktop later; they want an all-in-one, seamless online buying experience. Amazon.com started the “one-click” purchasing trend, and this year more and more retailers are getting in the game.

Mobile is king.

Optimize the buying experience for mobile platforms of all sizes. Make sure your mobile site is optimized for the best possible user experience, especially when you’re showcasing your brand’s videos.


Video is the “hot” new online ad medium of 2015.

Studies show that when a potential customer views a video, they’re more likely to buy from that brand in the future. Make them eye-catching, cool, and quick, and you’ll increase brand awareness substantially.


It’s a three-search-engine world.

Sure, “Google” is a verb, but your customers are more likely than ever to “Bing” or “Yahoo” too when they’re searching for great deals. Further differentiation in the Bing and Yahoo search algorithms mean more work for you up front, but potentially many more sales once your audience can find you.


Know your international markets and their nuances (like local holidays and search engines).

Many countries have their own popular search engines, so make sure you know where your customers are coming from so that you can optimize your site for local search algorithms. While you’re at it, familiarize yourself with local buying patterns during the holiday season; many countries’ big online buying days come earlier than Black Friday in the U.S.

Strategic data collection and agile strategy shifts.

The value of analytics isn’t in collecting lots of data, but in using it wisely to discern customer buying patterns, trends, and new developments. Analytics will help you see what your customers are doing with your site. Couple a great analytics strategy with an agile development culture that makes quick changes possible.


Customers want the best price, even in a brick and mortar store.

Use all of your marketing tools—geo-targeting, programmatic ads, SEO, and the rest—to anticipate when a customer is most likely to find you, and what offers, deals, and discounts will surprise and delight them.


Apps keep you connected to your customer—the better to convert them, even if they don’t buy today.

you can “see” your customer online, you can target them directly with the information they’re most likely to be searching for, right at the moment when they are searching for it. The more you know about how your customer interacts with your content, the better the chance that you’ll be able to meet their needs.


Create an annual content calendar for 2015, and beyond.

Regular content attracts search engines, but it’s quality content that attracts customers. Establishing that annual content calendar now means you’ll win the 2015 holidays, and launch into 2016 with lively, regular, relevant content that will help you collect the first-party data necessary to gain insights into your customers over the long haul. And that will help you win 2016, too.

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