3 PPC Tactics to Optimize to Your User’s Intent

As search Marketers, it’s one of our primary tasks to anticipate and cater to our consumer’s wants and needs. It’s our job to guide them down the conversion funnel nice and gently to ensure the most gratifying and pleasant experience as possible.

When discussing User experience, the name of the game is relevancy. You want your content to reflect what the consumer is expecting, then you can build and expand upon that expectation to achieve an optimal user experience. The following are 3 basic PPC strategies that, if optimized correctly, can help you attain the ideal user experience.

  1. You have to show the user what they are looking for. And sometimes a general landing page is appropriate. But there is always room for improvement when you are optimizing a landing page. It’s easy to think that once you’ve got the consumer to click through, your job is done as a PPC specialist. False! We must always be looking for ways to differentiate our landing pages to cater to the user’s original intent. Sometimes that’s actually making minute changes in rhetoric or other content on the landing page, or segmenting more specific traffic to other pages at other points in the conversion funnel.
  2. Another great way to ensure that you provide an optimal user experience is to re-evaluate your account structure. Audit the account to make sure that you provide as many potential avenues to conversion as possible. Look through your list of ad groups and make sure you have keyword lists that align closely to the landing pages you are using. Check the Clients sitemap so you can be sure you are specific traffic to specialized landing pages in all corners of the client’s site.
  3. Utilizing Dynamic Ads in Adwords is a great way to help guide consumers into and then down the conversion funnel. By putting search terms into ad copy dynamically, you are manufacturing user intent. This will reaffirm the searcher that they are clicking through to a relevant landing page and will ultimately give them a favorable search experience. This tactic should of course be coupled with landing page optimization as well, but nonetheless can be useful when trying to garner additional relevant traffic for your campaigns.

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