3 Quick Ways to Get More Quality Impressions

Clients will frequently ask me if there are any quick and effective ways to increase paid search traffic without having to increase keyword or ad group bids. Here are some ideas I will usually offer that I find work well for driving more traffic for campaigns.

Use Additional Language Targets

Google provides advertisers with the opportunity to target visitors who have a higher disposition of speaking a target language. Since there are many bilingual internet users it makes sense to keep campaign settings as broad as possible even if your product or landing page isn’t offered specifically in their native language. This especially makes sense in United States and Canada where many internet users are bilingual. Adding additional languages to your campaign settings is a great way to expand your reach.

For instance, it may make sense to target both English and Spanish for a campaign targeting the United States since certain users may have Spanish set up as their primary language in Google, even though they still speak English. If you were to only target English in your campaign setting, you would not be able to reach this group of bilingual users. If you are concerned about performance for this new set of traffic, consider cloning a test campaign and running the new campaign with the additional language selected.

Check Search Lost IS (Budget) Metric

The “Search Lost IS (Budget)” is a metric that estimates the percentage of times that ads in a particular campaign was eligible to show in the search network but did not due to your budget being too low. You can add this metric to your campaign view by selecting Columns > Customize Columns > Competitive metrics > Search Lost IS (Budget). Once you have this metric added, expand your date range (usually a week will suffice) and see if there are any campaigns that have more than 0.00% for Search Lost IS (budget). Then, determine which campaigns lost impression share due to budget restraints that performed well according to your goals (conversion rate, CTR, etc.).Then, you can consider re-allocating budget from poorer performing campaigns to this new campaign or increase your budget if you have that flexibility. Reviewing this metric and re-adjusting your budgets can be a great way to get more traffic for campaigns that perform well.

Broaden Match Types

Many advertisers will only include very narrow keyword match types in their campaigns. I’ve seen some campaigns that only include exact and phrase match terms and other campaigns that have only modified broad match keywords. Although this strategy works well for only targeting very specific search queries and typically helps with maintaining a good conversion rate, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to grow your account and find additional keywords that will perform will for you.

I suggest starting by isolating keywords in your campaign that have performed well. Then consider, adding these keywords as broad match. Or if these terms are modified broad match, consider broadening the term by removing some plus-signs. For example, for the broad match keyword +lime +green +shoes +for +men, consider removing some of the plus-signs to broaden the term, such as turning the keyword into lime +green +shoes for +men. As you broaden the keyword match types, you will want to keep a close eye on your search query reports. You will continuously want to add negative keywords for poor performing terms. You will also find opportunities though to add search queries as new keywords to increase your traffic further.

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