3 Reasons to Bid on Your Brand Terms

It’s a question we receive often from clients and, depending on whether they are a new or an existing one, typically arrives in the form of:

“Should we bid on our brand terms?” or “Why are we bidding on our brand terms?”

It’s a question that is as old as PPC and SEO itself (and one that is often argued by the two sides just as fiercely) and recently I’ve seen at least a few articles on how to test whether or not such a tactic leads to positive ROI. (In short, is paying for brand terms worth the costs, when in theory you’ll get the clicks for free via organic listings.)

We’re not here to run a scientific test; instead we’re here to suggest three non-scientific reasons to consider bidding on your brand terms:

  1. Controlling the message
  2. It’s really cheap
  3. Your competition is

 Bidding on Brand Terms


Controlling the message

There’s nothing better, or more valuable, than free traffic, but one of the major downfalls of organic listings is the ability to quickly change your “call-to-action” (as well the landing page for that call to action.) On the other hand, this is exactly why PPC can be so effective. You control the message and the flow of “communication”.


It’s really cheap

(Most of the time) Most of our clients pay from $0.13 – $0.35 per click for their brand terms. CTR is almost always really strong (15%+), which helps maintain high quality scores and low CPC. Furthermore, considering how well brand terms typically convert,  CPA is also going to be really low (relatively speaking.)


Your competition is

This isn’t always the case, but more often than not, one of your competitors is bidding on your terms. (Yes they can do this legally in Adwords & AdCenter. No, they can’t include your company name in ad copy if you’ve filed trademark terms with Google.) And I can guarantee they are more than happy to direct (ie. steal) a new customer their way.


So, depending on how much traffic your brand terms receive, the question becomes: for such cheap traffic, that converts so well, why wouldn’t you bid on your brand terms, especially when you can control the exact message and send the visitors to the PPC landing page you want…so that your competition doesn’t do the same exact thing?

Are you bidding on your brand terms? We would love to hear your feedback & comments.

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