3 Things I Learned


1. Bing Ads – Language Targets Internationally

The language that you set also determines where your campaigns’ ads are being delivered.  For example, if you would like to target English speakers in Hong Kong, you will need to set your language settings to target Hong Kong but create English-only keyword ad groups with English ads for ideal setup.

bing language



2. RLSA & Google Analytics

I’ve moved away from the traditional AdWords remarketing pixels for remarketing audiences, and now am using the Google Analytics code to run most of my remarketing campaigns.  I love creating remarketing audiences in Google Analytics because the types of audiences I can create are much more sophisticated – from layering website engagement metrics to identifying audiences that search specific keywords – the possibilities feel endless.  However, while I happily built away, I did not realize that my Remarketing Lists in Search Ads campaigns were still unable to use any audiences that were built in Google Analytics.  I’m sure they will bridge this gap soon, but for now it requires us to use the old-school AdWords pixels.


3. Dynamic Search Ads & Category Targeting

When setting up dynamic search ads’ auto targeting parameters, there are four options beyond just targeting the entire site: (1) category targeting (2) URL contains targeting (3) page title contains targeting and (4) page content contains targeting.  What I did not realize was that AdWords automatically recommends categories that you can target based on a scrape of the site.  I will usually set up my DSA campaign, pause it, post it, and wait 24 hours for Google to scrape my site.  That way I can see the list of categories that were identified when the site was scraped.  When you’re ready to build out your category targets, simply navigate to Auto Target > Select ad group > Select your dynamic ad target as CATEGORY, and click into the query box.  You should see a list of recommended categories pop up.


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