10 Time-Saving Computer Tips for PPC Experts

So, you’ve got all your bases covered in PPC, right?  Can you rattle off AdWords Editor change-log history from memory?  Create bulksheets with excel magic?

As we grow our SEM skills, we discover shortcuts that can significantly decrease time spent on repetitive tasks.  The next step is expanding those skills to your computer.  Each tip may only save you a few seconds of time, but when this is added up across the board, you’ll start to total days or even weeks of extra time to be spent working (or taking a much-needed break!).

Let’s learn how we can make the most of shortcuts and tricks in Windows with these 10 Time-Saving Computer Tips for PPC Experts:

  1. Middle Click Trick – When browsing in Chrome, Firefox or IE, you can use the middle click on your mouse to open a link in a new tab.  Go ahead, try it out here.  Once you’re done, you can middle click the tab to close it!
  2. Lost Tabs – Did you just close a tab in Chrome or Firefox by accident?  Fear not.  Simply press CTRL + SHIFT + T and watch that tab magically re-appear.  MAGIC.
  3. Move Windows – Need to move a window, but don’t want the hassle of moving your mouse to do it?  Just press the Windows key plus down to minimize, and left or right to move it to that side of the screen.  Try it with your web browser now – hitting down twice will totally minimize it.
  4. Web Addresses – Sick and tired of typing “WWW” and “.COM” before and after your favorite website?  Just type in the domain name, then hit CTRL + ENTER
  5. Move Dat’ Cursor – When you’re typing an email and need to move your cursor, hold CTRL and use the left/right arrows to move the cursor past whole words.  CTRL + BACKSPACE deletes entire words!
  6. Switch Windows – If you don’t know about ALT + TAB, you’re missing out on the easiest way to move between your 12 instances of Microsoft excel.  But, did you also know you can do it in style with Windows Key + TAB?
  7. Close a Window – CTRL + W will close a window quickly.  CTRL+SHIFT+T will re-open that window
  8. Straight to the Omnibar  — ALT + D will move your cursor directly to the URL field of your web browser
  9. FIND! – Use CTRL+F to find whatever you need on a page.  This is generally much faster than using a built-in search function, like in an AdWords MCC.
  10. Download CCleaner – This app will wipe all your old cookies and temp files, and can free up gigabytes of space, along with making your browser much snappier.

Any tips you think we should add?  Let us know in the comments below.

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