Ad Extensions Just Became Even More Important

It seems like every day since Google decided it was time to axe the right hand rail (R.I.P.), there has been a blog article detailing the change and the expected impact.

We’ve seen and heard a ton of speculation about what this means for our CPCs, impressions, cost, etc. Luke Alley posted a helpful resource here with tons of information. Only time will tell what, if any, negative impacts there may be. One thing though has become clear, ad extensions just became increasingly more important! I know, I know, another blog article detailing the importance of ad extensions. If you’ve read one, you’ve read one hundred.  But seriously, we know ad extensions matter. Especially since Google made the change last year to include ad extensions as a component of quality score. It has driven advertisers to focus in on utilizing all of the ad extensions available in order to create the most relevant ad extensions possible.

So why is this important?

It’s important because before the change, ad extensions only showed in the “top” segment of the SERP. You never saw extensions on the side rail or on an ad outside of position 3. Now they can show on all ads! No, I don’t mean all as in all on the “top” segment. I mean all as in every single ad, from position 1 to position 7. Check out this search for “buy baseball bats”:


What up ad extensions?! Welcome to position 5-7!

Ad Extensions create potential for better ad rank!

Let’s think about the reason for ad extensions in the first place. They give the searcher more of a reason to click on an ad because ultimately they give more information. Typically speaking, this applies to me. I only click on ads that have additional information, because I can quickly tell if it’s what I’m looking for. This helps us as advertisers because it can increase our CTR’s. We know that CTR is a component of quality score. This could be huge for positions 5-7. Say you’re in position 5 and you’re trying to battle to reach position 4 – maybe those extensions can help improve your expected CTR, thus giving you a more favorable ad rank. Now you’re talking about potentially driving a better ad rank at a lower cost.

Extensions for everyone!

Now what?

So ask yourself: are you utilizing all the ad extensions at your disposal? Maybe this is an opportunity for you to review your accounts and pick up some easy wins by adding some manual or automated extensions. As competition for the top four spots is anticipated to become fiercer, you won’t want to get caught off guard by not utilizing all available resources out there.

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