Advice for Recent Grads Looking to Start a Career in Digital Marketing and PPC

It has been 6 months since graduating from Seattle University – where I earned a Bachelor in Business Degree for Marketing. Of course the next question was, what’s next?
With my interest in the internet, I landed a position as an Associate Client Manager at Point It Search Marketing Agency. Located next to the Space Needle and the gorgeous sculpture park, every-day brings something new at work and in this thriving emerald city!
As an ACM I am involved in a handful of accounts that include a range of product and service industries which range in technology, travel, jewelry, finances, housing, games, etc. These companies cover the national and global landscape! Day to day I provide support on our different networks by writing and testing advertisement creatives, communicating spend, monitoring and reporting key trends for our clients, as well as sitting on brainstorming meetings with our clients and coworkers!

Marketing StrategyNow that I have been here for the past 3 months, here are three of the best pieces of advice and considerations I can offer to a recent college graduate and I how I looked to start my career in Digital Marketing & PPC. These are things I have heard in the past but I now fully understand the usefulness and impact as I work at such a highly skilled Digital Marketing Agency!

1. Take your time making a job choice! If you haven’t already been told, you’ll learn that a job that you are willing to spend at least 40 hours a week at is a Full Time Job. Despite that the unemployment rate is high and the pressures to earn an income that covers your cost of living is often the first thing you prioritize, investing in a solid job will be well worth the return.
The first and most important part of this choice and a key way to figure out what job to go into is being true to yourself – figure out who you are and who you want to be. Figuring out and answering simple questions such as:

• Do you like working in big groups or independently? – I do best working in close knit groups so I looked for agencies versus looking for the bigger companies.
• What do you find yourself doing when you have spare time? – With Marketing as my major I have always found myself being on the computer, and critiquing and looking at advertisements has always been a ‘hobby’ for me so looking for advertising companies was an opportunity to turn my hobby into a career
• Do you prefer having to adhere to strict-structure or flexible-opportunities? – By working in this agency I get to work alongside the Digital Marketing experts within the SEM analytics, SEO, project management, sales, etc. I have already gotten the opportunities to ask questions, work on projects, and learn about these diverse fields within our marketing company!
• Do you appreciate a challenge? – I have always prided myself in my level of commitment in the activities I do, and being within a smaller company I appreciate that my level of responsibility does weigh higher, my actions have a direct result, and the challenges of maintaining this and hopes of exceeding client and company expectations is something that motivates me within the fast pace Digital Marketing environment. Even though looking for jobs means that you are marketing yourself to different companies as these types of questions often comes up during the interview process, these are questions that lead to overarching qualities that really help point you in the right direction of what company and place was a good fit for you that you would be willing to have an interview with!

2. Find a Mentor and utilize them! Friends are there to help you relieve stress, parents are there for guidance, but mentors are instrumental in helping you develop as a professional, set goals, and realize accomplishments. Finding someone that you can ask professional and educational advice is vital to professional development and is incredibly valuable to have in your life.
This is something that I was able to find at Seattle University in a Marketing Professor and was able to turn to with advice when trying to sort out different job opportunities that came my way. This is also something that I greatly value having an option of within the close-knit community at Point It. pushing yourself to cultivate this kind of relationship can be intimidating when you are working with or learning more about these experts, but remember, they were once where you were!

3. You’ll hear it once and you’ll hear it again, Network & Work Your Network! Figuring what you want to do isn’t easy and neither is putting yourself out there. In this competitive and highly interconnected online and offline environment it’s ones natural instinct to be social. Placing yourself at networking events in industries you have an interest in is a good start and will help you to meet an expert or two that will see your enthusiasm and help guide you in the right direction to what your possibilities are in that industry. As someone that hadn’t been directly trained on or exposed to SEM during college, advertisements online always interested me and I discovered an online MeetUp group where I was able to see a panel of experts, including Sarah Dahlin and worked on getting to know her and what opportunities were available.

Once I took the time to answer the above kind of questions and use my local resources for some extra guidance, it was a clear fit for me to look into Digital Marketing, I was ready to place myself out there to actually network.

Overall, being a college graduate is an exciting transition and there is never a right and wrong with the way you do things, and I have found that it boils down to the having solid intentions and strong efforts that will bring the greatest outcomes! My interest in online advertisement and background in marketing, I look forward to contributing to and growing with Point It as we continue to discover, innovate, and provide optimal Digital Marketing solutions!

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  • I am thankful for you for your honest advice and believe that your digital marketing career can be pretty rewarding if you do it as your passion. PPC has a long way to go it’s just the start.

    March 7, 2016 at 7:51 am

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