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I set up my first ACE (AdWords Campaign Experiments) tests a couple months ago, when Google rolled ACE out to all AdWords accounts.  If you’re not familiar with ACE, you should definitely check it out.  It’s a free tool that allows you to test changes to keywords, ads and placements on a percentage of your traffic.

This week, when I decided to quickly set up a new ACE test to try out a new bidding strategy… I was once again struck by how very counter-intuitive the setup process is.

Step 1, Campaign Settings:

Step 1 - Campaign Settings

You start out on the campaign settings tab, way down at the very bottom of the page. Expand ‘Experiment’ and click ‘Specify experiment settings.

Step 2, Create Your Experiment:


Step 2 - Create Your Experiment

Step 4, Drill Down to Your Experiment:

Step 4 - Drill Down to Your Experiment

Click on the ‘Segment’ drop down, and select ‘Experiment.’

Step 5, Make Your Changes:

Step 5 - Make Your Changes

You can now make changes to your experiment segment! As you can see below, my test included a simple 20% bid increase across several keywords in my campaign.

Step 6, Start Running Experiment:

Step 6 - Start Running Experiment

After you’ve made all changes, it’s time to launch your experiment. In order to do this, you will need to navigate back to your campaign setting tab, and click on ‘Start running experiment.’

Step 7, Finish the Test:

Step 7 - Finish the Test

At the end of your specified test period, the test will stop running.

Google gives you the option to apply your changes fully, or remove the changes from your campaign.  Since the experiments I have run were not successful across the board, I simply made a note of those changes that worked, removed the changes from my campaign, and manually made my adjustments in AdWords Editor.

Happy Testing!

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