AdWords Features Every PPC Manager Should Be Using

Working at an agency, it’s become very apparent to me that my time is important, and prioritizing is a must in order to use it efficiently.  Luckily, there are things we can implement from account alerts to scheduled actions to save us time and energy!  I’ve listed some of my favorites below:

Campaign received ZERO IMPRESSION alerts.

Setting up alerts can be extremely useful, because we simply don’t have time to look at every single campaign in detail.  The last thing you want is for a big, sweeping change or error to go unnoticed.  In AdWords, you have the ability to set up Rules (or alerts) for your account.  An easy one to set up is an alert that is emailed to you when your campaign has received zero impressions.  Often times this will happen if your ads get disapproved, your budget runs out, or your campaign has ended.  In the Campaign tab of your AdWords UI, navigate from Automate > Send Email When, and set up the rule shown below.


Scheduling actions such as Promotional Ad Launches & Pausing.

For time-sensitive launches or one-off events, you can set up scheduled actions in the AdWords UI.  For example, if I have a promotional offer running Monday – Wednesday the following week, I can set up two rules: one to ENABLE ADS and one to PAUSE ADS, once I upload my promotional ads onto network (in paused status).  In the Ads tab of your AdWords UI, navigate from Automate > Enable ads when…, and then set up the rule shown below keeping in mind the date and time (time zone is based on Account time zone).  Make sure to select the ads that you want this rule applied to.

Enable ads

Auto-bidding upon launch of new keywords.

When I launch a new campaign or a new set of keywords, I want to give them a fair chance, and I often want to gain as much impression share as I can before I start optimizing my bids up or down.  One simple rule you can set up is auto-bidding keywords so they are at least eligible for a first page view.  In the Keywords tab of your AdWords UI, navigate from Automate > Increase keywords bids to first page CPC, and make sure to set a Maximum Bid if your account is at a risk of spending too much.  You can have this set up daily, at least for the first few days of launch, and then delete the rule if you’d like.

Increase keyword bids

Account Snapshots.

Being able to go to a place and get a quick snapshot of how everything is performing can ease a lot of anxiety.  A feature that I found particularly useful is the Top Movers view in the Dimensions tab of the AdWords UI.  You can navigate to it by selecting the Dimensions tab > View: Top Movers.  From here, you select a 7, 14 or 28 day range to compare and the tab will automatically identify campaigns and ad groups that saw the biggest changes (in cost or clicks) between those time frames.


All of these features are easy to implement and can save you time, energy and anxiety!  What tips and tricks do you have?

Evelyn Baek About the author

Evelyn Baek is an Account Director at Point It Digital Marketing in Seattle, with a passion for developing advanced marketing strategies for the agency's larger clients who want to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. She enjoys leading teams that work collaboratively to deliver results for their clients. Outside of Point It, Evelyn loves exploring the Pacific Northwest, rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins (Go Pens!), cuddling with her little pup, Tifa, and cooking up a storm.

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