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Since my last post, I have run into some questions that I am sure many have wondered as well.  There have been quite a few developments within the UI since my last post, which has been great!  So, below are AdWords for Video questions that I’ve had along the way.

What is the best way to structure Video campaigns?

Separating out campaigns by ad format type (In-Stream, In-Slate, In-Search, In-Display) is one of my first recommendations.  Each of these ad formats usually perform quite differently, with In-Stream typically having the highest view-through rates but In-Search and In-Slate having the highest engagement statistics.  Grouping all of the ad formats into one campaign allows you to manage ads that behave similarly in one campaign.  In addition, as some formats tend to spend more quickly than others, you can allocate your budgets accordingly.  Apart from this, you also want to separate campaigns based on the type of audience you expect to target.  For example, some businesses may run video ads for brand awareness, and focus on reaching a broad audience.   Others may want to target specific audiences with a focus on conversion, and therefore have tightly-controlled target groups.  Each of these may spend differently as well, usually with “brand awareness” type campaigns spending much faster than conversion-focused campaigns.

Beyond this, it’s important to also keep in mind that currently AdWords for Video campaigns are limited in the number of targeting groups allowed per campaign (10 maximum).  As a general rule, you will also want to create a separate Target group for each targeted segment (i.e., managed placements, topics, interests, demographics, etc.) so you can bid on each of these differently.  This may mean that you need to separate out your campaign even further.


What is the difference between a Channel landing page and Watch landing page?

advanced ad attribution
The Channel landing page takes users to your brand’s channel page, where they have the option to watch other videos on your channel.  The video that will play at the top of the channel will be the video displayed in your ad.  By sending viewers to your channel page, you are allowing viewers to stay engaged with your brand by watching other videos or following your link displayed on the profile section.  Sending viewers to the Watch landing page takes them directly to the video link, where viewers may watch other related videos but not necessarily your own.


Why are there no match types with YouTube Search keywords?

All YouTube Search keywords used for the In-Search ad format should be assumed to be Broad Match types at this time.

target people who are searching


What are Call-to-Action Overlays?

These are text banners that pop up at the beginning of your video ad, and are similar in function to your typical Search text ad.


These take viewers outside of YouTube onto your desired landing page.  This feature is great for campaigns that are conversion-focused, and gives viewers an opportunity to act on your video ad immediately.

Will YouTube Annotations appear in my video ads?

There are currently several betas running for annotations in ads.  These can work great as another form of call-to-action if your campaign is conversion-focused, or to link to related videos on your channel if you are interested in keeping your audience engaged.  Brands are getting creative with the use of these annotations, such as Juicy Couture in their video ad.

Can my ads run before illegal or scam content?

All videos that are enabled for ads will go through a screening process before they are allowed to show advertisements.


Feel free to add any questions of your own in the comment box and I will do my best to respond with my feedback/answers!

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