AdWords Labels – A Pivoting And Tracking Gem

The latest release of AdWords Editor (ver. 11.1.1) was the cause of much celebration in the PPC world as it finally allows for the editing of AdWords labels en masse. If you’ve never used labels in AdWords before, maybe now’s the time to start!

What are labels?

Simply put, AdWords labels allow you to tag elements of your account for reporting purposes, scheduled actions, and more! You can label campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.

How can I use them?


In the AdWords UI, click on the Dimensions tab and then click the View: button (this defaults to “View: Day”). You can then select to the view performance by labels. I’ve used this to monitor the performance of an ad copy test to great success! Using labels in this way makes it exponentially easier and faster to see what ad copy is winning at a high level. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

It’s worth noting that you can view this information at the account, campaign, or ad group levels depending on the level of granularity you need.  This feature is also extremely useful for any landing page testing you may be doing so you don’t have to try to fiddle with destination URL filters in your account.

Grouping Campaigns:

You could also use labeling to separate your branded campaigns from your non-branded campaigns. This would allow you to easily pivot on those categories in your reporting or within the UI. Other grouping ideas:

  1. Language or country targets.
  2. Different bidding policies/strategies.
  3. Search vs. GDN.

Scheduled Actions:

By labeling your ads, you can use AdWords’ automation features to pause or enable ads on certain days or at certain times. For example, you have a sale coming up that lasts for a week. You could label all of your evergreen copy with something like “Evergreen Ads – Enable 5.31.15” and your promo ads with “Promo Ads – Pause 5.31.15” so that you can easily make the switch on that day either manually or automatically.

Keeping Track of Keywords:

If you have some keywords that are particularly important to your client or you just want to keep track of keywords that have been performing very efficiently, you can do so with some creative labeling. The use cases here are only limited by your imagination. 🙂

AdWords Editor

If you’ve downloaded the newest AdWords Editor, you’ll find that the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, and Keywords sections all have a column and tab for Labels. With this new Editor feature, you can easily update labels on your account elements. You can also create new labels in the Shared Library section of the tool.

So there you have it. If you didn’t understand why the ability to edit labels in Editor was such a big deal before, I hope you do now. 🙂

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