AdWords Quality Score to Incorporate Landing Page Load Time

SE Roundtable is reporting that WebmasterWorld is talking about the fact that Adwords is starting to incorporate landing page load time in the quality score, which gives advertisers yet another reason to streamline and simplify landing pages and build them specifically for SEM. Apparently you will be able to see your load time “grade” when you click on the keyword analysis (the little magnifying glass to know whether your ads are being triggered by a search.) I don’t see it on any of my clients keywords yet. They say if you are LP testing, they will take the slowest LP load time grade in the quality score algorithm for that keyword.

Google offers tips on improving your load time:

  • Use fewer redirects.
  • Reduce the page size by using fewer, smaller, and more highly-compressed images.
  • Do not use interstitial pages.
  • Minimize the use of iframes on your landing page.
  • Contact your webmaster or webhosting provider to discuss other ways of improving your website’s load time.

Here’s the article I read to learn more.

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