AdWords Scripts To Save You Time (and Sanity!)

If you’ve been reading the Paid Search blogosphere you’ve most likely heard of Scripts. Simply put Scripts are lines of code that interact with your Google Adwords account to “retrieve” information or data or “tell” it to make a change. AdWords Scripts are incredibly powerful and can help you automate almost all of the tasks that you do manually for AdWords.
It’s kind of scary to most PPC marketers because coding and JavaScript isn’t one of the core skill set that we have. We know AdWords and Bing inside out and backwards, but writing code in JavaScript to take that knowledge and act upon are two different things. I’m here to tell you that coding and JavaScript aren’t as scary as you might think, and there are some brilliant people who have pre-written scripts that you can implement today to save yourself a ton of time.

If you want a great resource for an introduction to Scripts, look no further than Ginny Marvin of SearchEngineLand and her introductory guide,”AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 1, Learning How To Read Scripts.
If you are ready to get started with scripts the first step is learning where to go in the Adwords UI to start creating and editing scripts. Use our helpful guide to Get Started Using Adwords Scripts for a quick 8 step breakdown of how to get started.

Recommended AdWords Scripts to help you Save Time

This is by no means a comprehensive list of AdWords Scripts, it’s the list I’ve created and shared with my team of scripts that help us move out of the tactical trenches.

Scripts for Automation

1. Account Audit Script
Written by Russ Savage of The Account Audit script allows you to input several variables such as your campaign targeting location, exclude locations, the range for number of active ads within an ad group, and the max # of keywords you want active within your account. It then provides a LOG output of which campaigns are not meeting your thresholds so you can create an plan to fix issues. It also provides a breakdown of keywords by match type in your account.

2. Search Query Manager Script
Written by Marcela De Vivo of this script is one of my current favorites to save time with taking action on Search Query Reports. Marcela and the Gryffin team have created an awesome script to help you take your hours back and by providing a very straight forward solution to taking action on Search Query Reports. If you only implement one script, this should be it!

3. Broken URL Checker
There are two scripts that are both great that do very similar tasks, look at the URLs at the keyword or ad copy level and see if they point to a page that is providing a 301, 302, 404 error or that might have an “Out Of Stock” message. This will save you time and $$ so you aren’t sending traffic to a broken page. The Google URL Checker was developed by the Google Developers team and is part of the Script Solutions. The second is the Broken URL Checker by Russ Savage of

Scripts for Reporting

1. Keyword Campaign Performance Script
Written by Russ Savage of it creates a quick and simple report into 4 tabs that give you the all up campaign performance, last 7 days campaign performance, all up keywords performance and the keyword performance by keyword for the last 7 days. If you’re looking for a quick and easy report to review what’s happened and to use to evaluate where you should spend your time. This report will help!

2.Quality Score Performance Scripts
There are two scripts that do similar types of tracking, but you might like one over the other so I’m listing them both for your reference. The first is from Martin Roettgerding, aka @BloomArty, Script to Track Keyword Quality Score Over Time. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to show that the optimziations yo’ve been making are making an impact, you can leverage this script to track your quality score over time.
The second is theGoogle Developers QS Script that looks at Quality Score by Rank and by Keyword Position.

3. Anomaly Detector
This script was written by the AdWords Developers and it sends an email alert to you when your account is behaving differently than the historical performance.

Good luck and happy Scripting!

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