US Search Award Winner: An interview with Maddie Cary

Editor’s Note: We’re lucky enough to be knee-deep in something we like to call Awards Season.  We’ve been the recipient of a US Search Award for Best Enterprise PPC Campaign and a Landy Award winner for Best Overall Enterprise SEM Initiative thanks to our partnership with Microsoft Store. In addition to the organizational acknowledgements, we’re also thrilled to employ an individual award winner: Maddie Cary.  Maddie Cary was honored with a US Search Award for being the Young Search Professional of the Year along side PJ Howland with 97th Floor.  Although she’s been at Point It for several years, she recently stepped out into the limelight this year with industry speaking engagements and an active twitter profile.  If you know her, you know that she’s a natural leader, a dynamic personality and all-around nice person.  It’s my pleasure to share a quick Q&A I did with her about the win.  Enjoy! -MJ

Maddie Cary accepts US Search Award.

Maddie Cary accepts US Search Award for Young Search Professional of the Year

Tell me a little about what you do for Point It:

Sure! I’m a Senior Client Manager at Point It and have been working at the agency for about 4 ½ years, since I started as an intern back in 2011. My role involves managing account teams, partnering with clients on new tactics and strategies, and helping to develop our staff through mentorship and training. Currently, my biggest responsibility at the company is acting as the Global SEM Program Lead for Microsoft Store, our largest client. It pushes me to challenge myself and I enjoy working with our client stakeholders. You can find me coordinating major product launches, juggling program operations and leading SEM program strategy – all across 20 internal account managers, 30 client contacts, and 60 global market accounts.

What does it mean to win the Young Search Professionals of the Year award?

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge an accomplished search marketer who is age 25 or younger…which, I guess this year, they thought that was me! It was honestly a big surprise to win! The competition in my category was fierce and I feel truly honored to be shortlisted alongside such extraordinary search marketers. For me, it was a humbling accolade for the work I’ve done at Point It and I also saw it as a nod to all that has been accomplished by the team I lead. It’s hard to do great things without great people to work with.

Overall, I think it’s an acknowledgement of my potential, which an exciting thing to be awarded for. I’m looking forward to what the next few years have in store.

What would you tell other people interested in following in your footsteps?:

The thing that took me a while to internalize (and which I still struggle with) is to never limit yourself because you’re young. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t be a major contributor, an innovator, or a leader because of your age. You can!

What’s Next?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Maddie! If you’re interested in getting on a winning team, be sure to pop on over to our Careers page.  We’re the home of winners!

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