Android eating Apple’s lunch

Apparently the iPhone 4 release hasn’t given Apple the momentum they had hoped for. Despite the best efforts of the Apple hype machine, it did not “change everything, again.”  Of course, the first one was a tough act to follow.

In the second straight ComScore report, Android continued to gain market share and all the other major platforms lost it. Apple’s Smartphone market share in the U.S. dropped by 1.3 percent in the three months ended in July while Android’s share grew by an impressive five percentage points. Analysts expect that Android could topple iPhone’s install base in the US in less than five quarters.

So, it’s apparent Android and their open platform definitely has the mo’ and Apple is now in the unusual position of playing defense.  Perhaps the only thing that could help Apple is distribution from other major carriers.

The Android App marketplace is also on track to overtake Apple, especially since Google does not place the restrictions on placing apps in the marketplace that Apple does.  What does this mean for mobile app developers?  Is the new hero Android if you’re going to build one app?  I think it definitely warrants more consideration, however developers still face the hurdle of building Android apps for a growing number of devices, screen sizes and operating systems. So, I’d assume the appeal of  iPhone’s app market still takes precedence.

In conclusion, everything has changed. For Apple however, change is not good.

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