Are You Ready For Holiday?

Is it just me, or has this year just flown by? We’re now sitting at the end of August, summer is starting to wind down, kids are back in school, us pacific north-westerners are mentally preparing for the upcoming 9 months of rain and those of us who work in advertising are coming up to the busiest season of the year.

Hopefully, as an advertiser you’ve already started thinking about your holiday strategy but I understand, sometimes holiday sneaks up on you. Luckily, here are Point It we have a plethora of experience working through this season aka late nights prior to Black Friday, and have put together some guidance for you to use to prep for the holiday season. I’ll include basic notes for you below, but for a customized experience for your company (because everyone’s business needs are unique, like snowflakes) visit our Ready for the Holidays interactive strategy builder that will give you the tools you need, specific to your industry, to make sure you maximize your advertising efforts during the busiest time of year.

Whether you run an online store, a brick and mortar store, or both – the ultimate goal for most businesses is driving revenue. We all need to make money to survive don’t we? My advice on how to drive more revenue is just one very simple rule: Don’t make it hard for customers to give you money.

Have an online store?

Provide free shipping, free returns, a clear conversion path, guest checkout, make it easy to bundle products, and a big one – Don’t forget about mobile! While mobile may not convert as well as desktop does, it’s still equally or more valuable than desktop. As an avid Black Friday shopper, I do most of my research on products I want to buy on my phone, then on Black Friday I go and make my purchase on desktop. Speaking of research, I’m definitely not the only person who checks out pricing before the big holiday sales, so why not take advantage of those folks who are already clicking (and you’re already paying for) by building retargeting audiences off of them. Simply setting up a Holiday Preview Page wHoliday - Screenshotildly narrows down your audience to people who are specifically looking for Holiday deals, then when the big shopping days come around, hit them with aggressive remarketing! They’re valuable, they’re already interested, and they’re obviously shopping on that day.

Have a brick and mortar store?

Provide offers that can only be redeemed in-store, take full advantage of location extensions and call extensions in your ads, talk to your Google rep about using store visit conversions, or if you have a loyalty program with customer’s email addresses – setup customer match and create a similar audience off of that. Just because your revenue isn’t made online doesn’t’ mean you can’t drive more users to your store by using online tactics.

My run on thoughts here are really just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities during the Holidays are endless! Want to learn more about what to do for your specific industry or even how to approach budget concerns? Visit us at for a full run down of tips, tricks and dates you should keep in mind when planning out your holiday strategy.

Natalie Barreda About the author

Natalie Barreda is a digital marketing veteran who focuses on driving revenue for enterprise-level clients. Thanks to her six years of agency experience, she adept at predicting and responding to critical trends in paid search. Currently a senior client manager at Point It Digital Marketing, she primarily focuses on year-round seasonality and B2C e-commerce digital advertising. Completely self-taught, Natalie considers herself a results maven. In her down time, Natalie enjoys hanging out with her aptly-named dog Xena and exploring the Seattle beer scene.

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