B2B PPC – A Few Tips to Succeed

B2B PPC. To some of us marketers, those two acronyms can be a huge nightmare. B2B paid search is difficult to quantify and can sometimes be very difficult to make profitable for a client. This is mainly due to the high CPCs and CPAs as well as the slow, prolonged sales process of B2B purchases.

Even though B2B PPC campaigns can be a challenge, there are a few tips one can use in order to make their B2B campaigns as successful as possible.

1. Enable Day Parting, Ad Scheduling

This should be pretty easy to understand. B2B is targeting sales to other businesses, therefore the majority of search on these terms should be happening during business hours. While some search and conversions could come in outside of these hours, there is likely a lot of wasted spend going on as well. Since CPCs tend to be higher in B2B campaigns, day parting and ad scheduling is important in driving down cost.

Set a look back date of about 90 days, take a look in the Dimensions tab, and filter by day-of-week and time-of-day. This will give you good insight on when people are searching, clicking, and converting on your ads.

2. Branded campaigns

Non-Branded terms in B2B campaigns tend to be spendy, which is why taking advantage of Branded terms is a must when you want to get the most out of your B2B PPC campaigns. Because Branded terms are cheap and have high CTR rates, you don’t want to miss out on this traffic. While the terms are not focused on a specific product or service offering, chances are people searching and clicking on your ad know what you’re all about. They’ve likely done their research and are more likely to convert. Branded campaigns allow you to dominate the SERP and beat out competitors. In my experience, Branded campaigns have driven the majority of success.

3. Research search terms

Make sure to research search terms around the different products and services you will be advertising for, especially when you are not an expert in that industry. While you may know the basic terms used for the products and services being offered, people may search a lot differently. Do they search by an acronym? Are there part or product numbers involved in queries? Maybe the product or services being advertised are queried with words that have a dual meaning. Either way you will want to know exactly what queries and terms people are searching and converting on. You could spend a lot really quickly, with little or no return, without the proper research on keywords.

4. Promote whitepapers and webinars

Instead of just driving people to a page with a lot of information and a form fill, drive them to download a whitepaper or a webinar. Having actionable content on your landing page will be more enticing to searchers and therefore, will drive up conversions more than a landing page overloaded with information in text.

5. Display network

Since B2B companies are usually less well-known than B2C companies, opting into Display network advertising is key in gaining awareness. GDN is often much cheaper than Search and can reach a lot of people very quickly. It is a great way to gain brand awareness and introduce potential customers to your services.


While B2B PPC is often challenging and sometimes not the best option for an advertiser, they can be successful as long as you know how to target the right people at the right time. There are many other strategies out there to make the most out of your B2B PPC campaigns, so don’t be afraid to test and try them out! Good luck!

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Erica is a Senior Client Manager at Point It and has been working in paid search and paid social for a total of about 5 1/2 years. When she's not optimizing PPC accounts, she enjoys hanging with her dog, Gunner, hiking, cooking, and trying new restaurants.

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