Behold! What 2011 Will Bring…

As 2011 begins, it is time yet again to focus on what the New Year has to offer. I mean, this is the season of CES, right? But let’s put technology on hold for a minute and instead focus on advertising – it is kind of our thing, so bear with me for a minute.

I happened to stumble upon the latest JWT Intelligence report – 100 Things To Watch For In 2011. In it they detail some of the trends they predicted in the past, including Lady Gaga, Foursquare, WikiLeaks and the Gluten-Free craze. Clearly, they know what they are talking about, so let’s see what these seers say the future holds for 2011?

Besides being really interesting and exposing you (ok, me) to a bunch of stuff you’ve never heard of (but is apparently really big to those in-the-know), I was struck by how many of the top 100 had the potential to be the next big advertising verticals. I mean, number 9 was “Banner Ads Do More”. Number 17 talks about how companies are starting to use CAPTCHA, those annoyingly hard are-you-a-real-human tests I seem to fail constantly, to reinforce their brands.. Now instead of typing in some random letters and numbers, you will have to type in the company’s slogan. For instance you would type in “Moving Forward” when logging into the Toyota site.

Even some of the seemingly non-advertising related topics started to sound like places for new advertising. Number 27 “Digital Indoor Maps” is a good example. Sure it might help me find what I’m looking for faster but I won’t be surprised if I find myself watching a video for Eddie Bauer while it is “processing” my request. And if you thought being followed around on the internet after being cookied was bad, check out number 31, “Electronic Profiling”. They now have technology that can predict your gender and change billboard messaging to suit or even predict what beverage you’ll want based on who-knows-what. I can’t wait to see that trying to keep up with traffic during rush hour!

And to deal with all of this we have numbers 23, 26 and 28, “Digital Downtime”, “Digital Etiquette” and “Digital Interventions” because seriously, there need to be some limits.

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