Bing Impression Share Reports

Search impression share is the estimated number of impressions you received out of the total available impressions in the target market.

Search Impression Loss

Loss to Budget: The estimated percentage that your ads weren’t shown due to insufficient budget

What can I do?

  • Increase your daily or monthly budget
  • Change settings for your budgets to standard instead of accelerated so that your ads show evenly throughout the day

Loss to Bid: The estimated percentage that your ads weren’t shown due to keyword bid

What can I do?

  • Increase your keyword bids
  • Look at your average position, CTR and conversions to make bid changes to keywords that perform well in each campaign

Loss to Rank: The estimated percentage that your ads weren’t shown due to ad rank

What can I do?

  • Ad rank is determined through quality score and bids.  Test ads in your campaigns to find what improves ad rank

Loss to Keyword Relevance: The estimated percentage that your ads weren’t shown due to keyword relevance

What can I do?

  • Check keywords in your campaign to make sure they are directing to the right landing page and that the ad group makes sense
  • Include your keywords in your ads – you may need to build out your ad groups to include them in your ad copy
  • Add negatives, check match types – seems like a no brainier, but don’t forget to do regular maintenance in your account

Loss to Landing Page Relevance: The estimated percentage that your ads weren’t shown due to landing page relevance

What can I do?

  • Like keyword relevance, you want to make sure that you are building out your Ad Groups to focus the customer – check that your keywords, ads and landing page all make sense together and that you are giving the searcher the best possible experience

Pulling a search impression report:

Pulling a search impression report in Bing is easy if you know where to look!

  • In the report tab, chose the “Share of Voice Report”
  • Make sure the columns below are chosen in order to see all your impression share options

Bing Impression Share

  • Once the report is pulled you will see your impression share statistics.  From there you can begin to make changes to increase your visibility

Bing Impression Share Report

(Bing Impression Share Report)

Happy impression share pulling!

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