Update: Shopping Support in Bing Ads Editor!

Oh BAE. BAE has done some great things lately, including Shopping support!  Finally, Bing Ads Editor version 11.4 makes it possible to create and edit existing Shopping Campaigns in Editor! As a Client Manager who spends nearly 90% of my time working in Shopping Campaigns, this is a BIG win. With this product update you will now see an additional tab under Campaigns called Shopping Settings. In this tab you’ll be able to set Store ID, Region of Sale, and Campaign Priority. Note: If you’re not seeing this tab, you need to upgrade!

I think the biggest improvement will be being able to import Shopping Campaigns from AdWords editor, directly to Bing Ads Editor (including linking your Bing Ads Merchant Center Account in the process). It is also possible to import Shopping AdWords Shopping Campaigns into Bing directly from the Bing UI. This again, a huge win, making it nearly effortless for engine parody for your Shopping efforts.

Product Groups will also be easier to manage as Bing Ads has removed the need to have a parent product group ID for every product group, Instead, product group contains the full trail, making it easier to see and edit parent product groups (which is how it’s done in Google), making it much easier to apply optimizations across engines.  The update will also allow advertisers to edit Type, Bid and Destination URLs directly within the app, while the product group field can be altered through the “Make multiple changes” or “Import” features.

Finally, promotional text for product ads can be typed within the editor pane or uploaded in bulk.

Things are looking up for the Holiday’s, so cheers to you BAE!

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