Easy and Affordable Ways to Boost Your Organic Keyword Rankings

While there are so many differing tools out there to help with SEO, what are some easy and cost-efficient techniques to boost your organic search keyword rankings that are manageable for advertisers of any level?

Google My Business

One of the best aspects of Google My Business is that it does not cost you anything. While we all love the price of FREE, what are the actual benefits of using Google My Business and how does it help us boost our organic keyword rankings?

Let’s start with the benefits of Google My Business. First and foremost, you are able to get in front of customers on both Google Search and Maps. Through providing business hours, contact information, customer reviews, pictures, link to directions and so much more, you help your customers more easily interact with you and your business.

In order to maximize how often you are showing atop the local search results for your business it is important to regularly update your business information and optimize your business listing. Perhaps most important is making sure your business listing provides  detailed and complete information so that Google can more accurately match your business listing to the most relevant searchers.

Another important factor in improving ranking is what Google refers to as “Prominence”. The more prominent a business, the more likely it is to be show (and higher) in local search results. Prominence is based off of information Google has about your business acquired from around the web via articles, directories, reviews, etc. All of these items factor into local search ranking therefore it is important to monitor, update and add to these components on a regular basis.

Local PPC

If you are already running or considering running local PPC campaigns, there is much insight to be gleaned from local PPC efforts. For instance, through utilizing keyword research tools such as Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner, you can find and test out new keywords in your PPC campaigns that might be beneficial to SEO. Another way to utilize these keyword research tools is by taking keywords that perhaps might be too costly in your PPC campaigns (especially if you are limited on budget) and using those in your SEO campaigns instead. By testing across both PPC and SEO, you will be able to gain great insight into where you are seeing the best performance and return.

Similar to the Keyword Planner in AdWords, utilizing the Google AdWords Search Query Report can offer great insight into what search terms are triggering local ads. This data can in turn provide you with the appropriate terms and content to update and use on your site. Because of the nature of these reports, this data can be utilized to expand, remove and/or edit your site and landing pages as needed for a custom results driven experience for both you and users.

Lastly, competitor data can be extremely helpful in improving both the performance of both your PPC and organic efforts. The AdWords Auction Insight report can provide useful data to highlight where your competitors are focusing. Are they moving in on territory specific to you? Are they transitioning in a different direction? How will their creative efforts affect your performance? While the report does not share overall performance of your competitors, it can give you a good idea of who is in the market with you and how and when they are affecting your position in the SERP. This can give you great insight into where you can boost your SEO efforts to ensure you are covered across both paid and organic listings.

Again, there are many tools and resources available to boost your organic search keyword rankings. Google My Business and Local PPC are two, which regardless of your search experience, can make a huge impact on your search efforts at little to no cost to you…so why not give one or both a shot today?

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