Building Your Attribution Strategy, Part 4: The Customer Journey

In our new five-part blog series, you’ll learn about the importance of attribution: choosing ad channels, defining company goals, aligning KPI’s with company objectives, managing customer touchpoints, and learning where your ad dollars are best spent for maximum impact.

It’s inspired by our latest eBook, Beyond Digital Marketing Attribution, and it’s designed to help you create an attribution strategy that drives your company’s key business goals. This is Step 4: The Customer’s Journey. Keep an eye out for the final installment in the coming weeks.

Step 4: The Customer’s Journey: Use Touchpoints to Map Cross-Channel Attribution

Touchpoints: those are the ad impressions, the clicks, the retweets, and all of the other forms of customer engagement that feed into your sales cycle. We’re continuing your journey towards becoming an attribution rock star by mapping out your customer’s journey from initial “handshake” to final (and, ideally, repeat) sale.

Start by downloading our one-page worksheet on  mapping customer journeys. On this page, you’ll find two exercises:

  • A table where you can list all of the touchpoints available to your customers based on the channels you’re using for the product or service you’re tracking throughout this blog series
  • A step-by-step Touchpoint Challenge map you can use to map out a typical customer journey, once you’ve examined your analytics to see how most of your sales are generated

Now, delve into your numbers. Use your analytics data, indicators from your marketing automation system, data from your CRM, and even reports from your sales team about the effectiveness of their sales calls to build out a list of all of the touchpoints you provide for your customers to engage with your brand. List these in the first column. Then, for each touchpoint, list the channel associated with it. Finally, see if you can discern the order in which a typical customer engages with you.

From there, you’re ready to fill out the Touchpoint Challenge with a typical customer journey…like this one:

  • Your CEO speaks at national conferences and your booth receives lots of lead gen from visitors who saw her speak
  • From there, your leads opted in to receive your monthly newsletter and free resources.
  • At some point, they indicated an interest in having a free consultation call.
  • And from there, a certain number of them signed on and became paying customers.

That’s one example of a typical customer journey. What’s yours? Take time to go through this exercise with your data at hand to map it out. In the final installment of our blog series on attribution, we’ll tie it all together and show you how to use your channels, company goals, technology, and customer journeys to nail your attribution strategy.

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