Content Remarketing and Google Instant

“Dad, I keep getting ads from that client of yours.”

“Uh-oh,” I thought. “That’s content remarketing in action, and I’m not sure I like this part of it!”

A couple of weeks ago we brought on a new client with a very interesting retail product and at dinner one night I told my family about it.  That evening my daughter visited the website and agreed that the product was very cool.

But now, as she does her French homework, the ads keep popping up…and the product has nothing to do with French, let me tell you!

So that’s the other side of Content Remarketing for you.

On the one hand, I like what it does for the advertiser, but at the same time I’m waiting for a consumer backlash (besides that of my daughter!)

Will people get really ticked off by being “followed” around, or will they just get used to it and ignore it like we did with banner ads!

I think advertisers are going to have to stay on top of things and watch that it doesn’t get out of control.  And to that end, I am going to go into the account and exclude that French-English site.  That’s possibly the only way I can help my daughter with her French homework!

I’ve been using Google Instant a lot recently, and I’m not a fan.  The main question is “has it improved my search experience?”

No, can’t say it has.

What it has done is turn a search into a flurry of changes on the screen as I type in letter after letter.

It’s distracting to say the least.

And embarrassing too.

In the office the other day I typed in panicattacks.

Half way through I nearly had a panic attack as a bunch of scantily clad images of the “Panicats” appeared.


I resumed typing and they quickly disappeared.

That was not a good search experience.  Well, okay, it was, but not for the office!

C’mon Google.

I just want a simple search where things don’t fly around the screen, and I find what I’m looking for.

Too much to ask for?

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  • I agree with you on this one. I find it extremely distracting. It reminds me of when I’m talking to someone I don’t know very well and they try to finish my sentences for me. I think to myself, “who the heck do you think you are? I’m perfectly capable of finishing my thought – just have the courtesy to wait 2 seconds!”

    October 15, 2010 at 12:29 pm

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