Conversion Rate Optimization Tools You’ve Just Got to Try

We’re doing a lot of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) work at Point it these days and I want to share with you two of the “go to” tools I use.

The first is Attention Wizard ( which comes from landing page guru Tim Ash’s company SiteTuners.

Attention Wizard is a heatmap tool that predicts people’s eye path on a web page. Once you see the eyepath you can modify the page design so that their eyes will (hopefully) follow the path you want viewers to take on the page.

Here’s how it works:

You upload an image of your page to Attention Wizard and within 2-3 minutes you will the result. It’s that simple.

Below is an example from the Attention Wizard site that shows the before and after results.  Notice the “hot spots” and how they are on the critical parts of the page, namely the product and the call to action form.

Conversion Rate Optimization

How we use it:

Once our designer has created a landing page, I take a screenshot and run it through Attention Wizard.  We then adjust the page design if the hot spots are not where we need them to be. Then and only then will we show the page to the client.


Why I like Attention Wizard:

The number one reason I’m a big fan of Attention Wizard is that it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the design process. Often times designers will build pages that look good but aren’t optimal for conversion. With Attention Wizard, the designer has a guide on how to create better pages and that takes a lot of the subjectiveness over designs that can occur in the process.

The second tool is and it is fabulous. Usertesting provides feedback on your page from live testers. You receive a video and written commentary on their findings.


Here’s how it works:

You create a test of tasks you want the testers to perform. You specify the URL of the page, select the number of tests you want and demographics of your audience. For example, Male, over 40, with income level over $100,000. Usertesting then sends the test out to testers it employs that meet that criteria.

I usually specify three testers because I’ve found that to be a good number to get sufficient feedback. The tests can take anywhere from a few minutes to fifteen minutes depending on the complexity of the test.

The testers every movement is recorded along with their comments. They have to speak as they perform each task. On completion of the tasks, they have to answer written questions which enables you to capture more feedback.


Why I like

This next part will amaze you. I’ve conducted over thirty tests and with almost all of them, I’ve had the tests completed within an hour. Getting feedback that quickly is just crazy good.

The quality of the video and written responses has been very high. A couple of times the response were weak and I flagged them as such. Almost immediately I was contacted by Customer Support and issued a credit. Wow, what service.


What do these cost?

Both Attention Wizard and Usertesting have free trials and I strongly recommend  you try them out. The paid service is very reasonable. Usertesting is around $39/test and Attention Wizard a few bucks per test.

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