Defending Your Budget: Efficiencies Through Holistic Marketing Strategies

Defending Your Digital Marketing Budget

It’s budget time again. If you’re in the middle of building a marketing strategy that’s bigger and “badder” than ever, you’re going to need some ammunition to build your pitch for driving your marketing team to success. This is the first in a series of four blog articles (Efficiencies Through Holistic Marketing Strategies, Programmatic Advertising is Dollars in Your Pocket, SEO is a Digital Marketing Building Block, and Bigger Budgets Means more Conversions) to help you pitch, defend or grow your digital marketing budget.  

Marketers can’t help but nod their heads in agreement when we start talking about holistic approaches to marketing. The holistic approach feels like a no-brainer for those of us who are in the trenches day after day. Disparate messaging and disjointed efforts by various marketing department functions is the definition of wasted time and money, and breaking down the marketing silos has been a hot topic this year. Let’s do a little math, shall we?

Multiple products & services teams + multiple campaign strategies + multiple marketing channels = wasted time & money

Consolidating Product Teams

Consolidating product marketing efforts seems like a self-evident strategy for more efficiently saturating a market with your message. It can, however, be challenging to get everyone on board. Your digital marketing plan can catalyze this effort. We’ve seen the tangible benefits that consolidation can produce with a number of Point It’s clients. For example, paid search clients who have integrated their product teams have been able to end unintentional competition among paid search teams that drives up costs and cannibalizes critical marketing budgets. This strategy is particularly important for organizations that manage multiple brands.

Quotable Quote for Budget Defense

Companies that don’t holistically manage their multi-brand and multi-channel efforts run the risk of cannibalizing their critical marketing budget.

Consolidating Marketing Approaches

Even with the strongest marketing strategy, if you have marketing generalists running your marketing channels, you’re likely not getting the innovation and proactivity you need to make those channels truly perform. Shifting away from a generalist marketing approach may seem counter-intuitive to the idea of removing silos, but companies need to find a balance between depth of knowledge and breadth of workload. If your organization relies on generalists to make your marketing world go ‘round, then consider finding outside specialists to add the necessary depth to stay ahead of the digital marketing game.

Case Study: Multi-Channel Success for PEMCO Insurance

One of our clients kept an in-house team to run traditional media, but hired Point It to manage paid search, SEO, and social media advertising. This gave them the ability to keep doing what worked for them, while widening their funnel with new and integrated digital efforts. Feel free to pop over to the PEMCO case study if you’d like more information on that approach.

Quotable Quote for Budget Defense

Not giving our marketing organization the space to either become or hire specialists puts our organization at the back of digital marketing pack. Emerging technologies like programmatic advertising are changing every 30 days. Specialists can track and apply shifts to marketing strategies in real time to ensure maximum profitability.

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What’s Next?

As part of your planning, you might enjoy the attribution workbook we’ve put together.  It offers you an interactive way to help you craft an attribution strategy.  Good attribution can help you point to what is working at each stage of the funnel and why!

What's Next?

To find out more about more about how you can jump start your marketing, check out our Resource Library.

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Maureen Jann is a veteran B2B marketer whose career in Digital Media has grown up with the Internet. A self-described jill-of-all-trades, Maureen has elevated creative problem solving to an art form and enjoys the daily challenges of driving business results in unexpected ways. Her skills as an entrepreneur, content marketer, creative director and passionate people manager set her apart from the pack. Maureen has worked in every corner of marketing making her a skilled tactical resource as well as a strategic partner. Recently, she was the captain of the marketing ship for an award-winning professional services firm and is currently creating a content marketing strategy for Point It, a digital marketing agency.

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