Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

As we cross paths into the new year, some of us are disappointed that there is no prospect of teleporting or flying cars in 2016 as we hoped in our childhood. However, there are a few important forecasted trends in the space of digital marketing that use new technology and innovative media. Knowing and utilizing this list of trends in our 2016 campaigns will help us become competitive digital marketers – which of course was one of my New Year resolutions : )

#1 Native Ads

Apple’s revealed ad blocking tools on iOS products forces the digital industry to think about preventative marketing measures in 2016. These measures involve prioritizing the user experience which can be achieved with Native advertising. Ad blockers do not have the ability to block native ads with their look, feel, and integration in the user’s web content. All display marketers should be on the lookout for any opportunities to incorporate native ads into their online marketing campaigns.

#2 Video Ads

In 2015, we have seen a greater presence of video marketing along web content and on video providers as YouTube and Hulu.  Videos can help engage audiences in messaging while also being informative. Video advertising has recently been available programmatically which increases inventory. Inventory availability has also increased in social marketing with popular mediums such as Instagram and Snapchat. Digital marketers should expect to see a greater presence of video advertising in the upcoming year.

#3 Location-Based Marketing Technology

As hand held technology progresses, there has been increased capabilities in tracking user locations. Digital marketers are able to use this information in measuring the user path in the purchasing funnel. This information can also be used to target an audience segment with the use of 3rd Party data providers such as Factual.  Utilizing GPS capabilities can help a marketer understand not only attributes about an audience but also their behavior.

#4 Optimize for Mobile

With the unanimous popularity and emerging capabilities of smartphones, it is only natural that user purchasing patterns increase as well. Google now penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile as the amount of mobile searches continue to rise. A portion of ad spend should be geared towards mobile ads to reach all audience types. There are also increased capabilities in tying all device activity to one user. Delivering mobile ads helps track all user activity and engagement in a piece of messaging.

#5 Automation

There have been a rise of automation across the digital industry with the release of tools and platforms. Adobe has released a number of Search automation tools in the past year to automatically launch and end a campaign. Programmatic display advertising, which automates the buying and selling of ad inventory, has also grown immensely in the past year with its capabilities. The release of these automotive tools has allowed the industry to grow as a whole. We expect this trend to continue in 2016 to further increase productivity and efficiency.

#6 Social Advertising

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have improved their advertising methodology in the year of 2015. There have been increased capabilities to purchase products and integrate advertisements into newsfeeds. In addition to advertising on these platforms, Facebook has also made themselves available as a 3rd Party Data Provider which has proven to become one of the most powerful data tools in the industry.

In 2015, Snapchat was unanimously among the top social mediums to date and the trend will continue in 2016. However, it has also proven to be a successful brand marketing tool with its unique ability to connect and engage with users. Brands continue to utilize Snapchat to market effectively in the upcoming year.




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